How To Get Heavy Truck Licence In UAE-2022

Can Foreigners Get Driving License In UAE

Heavy truck licence in UAE course is designed for students who want a license to operate a corporation’s heavy trucks. You must pass the RTA driving test to obtain your Dubai Driving License Category 4. The RTA defines a heavy truck as weighing more than 2.5 tons. 

At GMDC, they teach you how to efficiently operate a heavy truck to move business items securely and on schedule. This course teaches you how to drive a heavy truck in various weather situations, monitor loads, and decrease operating expenses and accidents.

GMDC’s carefully selected teachers have been trained to inspire and lead you in learning how to stay awake, efficiently maneuver the roadways, and retain precise control no matter the driving circumstances. You will learn to adopt the proper attitude, tolerate other drivers, and anticipate what may occur around you.

GMDC driving instructors are not only committed to driving safely at all times, but they are also highly qualified professionals with years of expertise. All instructors are experienced tutors with RTA-approved teaching licenses. They are routinely trained and briefed on the most recent safety measures and driving technologies to improve their abilities. 

They stay updated on new road and highway routes and extra safety measures by routinely communicating with RTA traffic authorities.

heavy truck licence in UAE

Instruction For Heavy License In UAE:

  • The minimum age for obtaining a large bus license is 21.
  • Heavy duty buses require a minimum of 20 hours of practical training.
  • We are obtaining an industrial driving permit for the driver’s occupation after completing the relevant exams and earning the license.
  • The Bus can transport more than 36 passengers.

Documents For Dubai Truck Licence:

  • Duplicate of the original Emirates ID
  • Copy of a valid visa page
  • Examination of the eyes (available in Al Quoz – Head Office)
  • Original national license for LMV (if available).

Dubai Truck Licence:

If you operate a vast and heavy vehicle, such as a truck, tractor, or trailer, you will recognize the significant disparities between your vehicle and a light vehicle (car). While many fundamental driving concepts apply to both light and heavy truck licence in UAE, maneuvering and managing a big vehicle differs in many ways. You may also read for driving license Abu Dhabi here.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

You will learn about the various aspects of heavy truck driving, such as:

  • Starting, Reconciling, and placement of the heavy vehicle.
  • Understanding the gear features and their purpose. 
  • Using the clutch.
  • Brake/Accelerator.
  • Trafficator dashboard 
  • Road marks and Traffic signals.
  • Changing lanes, auto-controlling, anticipation, and reaction.
  • Civility to other road users and the legal restrictions and obligations.

How Can I Enroll In The Course?

  • Please register online or physically at one of our main centers or branches.
  • A list of the obligatory papers required for enrolment is available by clicking on the ‘Documents Required’ link.
  • Complete an eye exam at one of our significant locations or any RTA-approved optical shops.

How do I get a heavy truck license in Dubai?

  •  Emirates Identity card or a digital copy of the most recent Emirates ID obtained using the ICA app.
  • Proof of a current visa granted in Dubai
  • Report on an eye examination (before RTA file opening). The eye test is accessible in Dubai at EDI central locations or RTA-approved eye test centers.
  • A commercial licensing permit is required if the visa category is ‘Driver.’
  • A medical fitness certification is necessary if:
  • The client has a ‘Driver’ visa.
  • Drivers with personal sponsorship.

Lecture Details:

As you continue your journey to get a heavy truck licence in UAE, the RTA curriculum requires every trainee to attend eight mandatory theoretical lessons. Theory sessions are essential for teaching you the regulations and information needed to drive on UAE roadways.

For your comfort, we have maintained our calendar as flexible as possible, and we now offer theory lessons on Saturdays at both Al Qusais and Al Quoz locations.

Because we value Dubai’s linguistic diversity, we provide our theoretical lectures in various languages, including Arabic, English, and Hindi/Urdu, to adequately express the RTA’s regulations and norms.

Sessions To Getting Heavy Truck Driving License In Dubai:

  • Driver’s attitudes and responsibilities.
  • Regulations & Rules of the Road.
  •  Road User Characteristics.
  •  Condition of the driver.
  •  Environmental Issues.
  •  Route planning, traffic violations, and driving on freeways.
  •  Developing Forecasts of Hazards and Emergencies.
  • Case studies and what to do after a traffic accident.

What do you need to do to get training?

  • Kindly properly examine the RTA contract and sign all RTA contract papers as required by RTA.
  • While our customer service professionals take great care in scheduling your classes, we ask that you double-check the schedule before leaving the desk. If you see any anomalies, please notify the assisting officer immediately.
  • According to RTA requirements, trainees must carry their learning permission and presence card at all times when receiving training. Our instructors cannot conduct instruction if a learner does not have any of the items mentioned earlier.
  • At GMDC, training documentation is closely adhered to RTA rules and is a relatively simple process; kindly confirm that your attendance card is always signed and stamped when attending our lecture sessions or training programs. The card must be signed and stamped by both you and the teacher.
  • If you need to cancel the training lessons due to unexpected circumstances or obligations, please notify us 72 hours in advance. Without this information, the trainee will be marked absent and have to pay for these sessions again; GMDC will not be held accountable for missing lessons if the protocol mentioned above is not followed.

In Case You Cannot Attend The Training:

  • If you have not been training for more than 60 days since your last RTA exam, you must complete eight more lessons before appearing or rebooking the next RTA test.
  • If your training was interrupted or you halted for more than two years, you would have to retake the Theory test and the Internal Yard test before proceeding with your other training sessions.
  • If you cannot show up for any RTA test for more than six months, please re-validate your Lesson Permit according to RTA guidelines, as the Lesson Permit is immediately closed by RTA after six months. Before proceeding with your remaining training classes, you must re-appear for the Theory and Internal Yard tests.
  • If you had an interruption or discontinued your training before 2012, you must go through the entire registration procedure again and submit all of the relevant documentation. You would also be deemed a beginner and would have to take 20 hours.
heavy truck licence in UAE


  • Get a receipt for your transaction before leaving the counter. No claims or shortages will be covered by Galadari Motor Driving Centre or its employees. Galadari Motor Driving Centre will recoup any excess payment made to the customer due to errors or oversights.
  • Rather than making payments without an original receipt mentioning the entire amount paid by you, Galadari Motor Driving Centre urges you not to pay its employees, instructors, supervisors, or staff members. As mentioned earlier, a receipt will be required to hold Galadari Motor Driving Centre liable for payments made to the parties.


If you need to reschedule a booked RTA test due to unforeseen circumstances or obligations, please notify us 72 hours in advance. Without this information, the trainee will be considered absent and have to reimburse and rebook the exam; GMDC will not be held accountable for the canceled test if the protocol above is not followed. 

If you passed the final exam for heavy truck licence in UAE, please provide us with the following documents to assist us in issuing the driver’s license:

  • Form for passing the final test.
  • Form for passing the Assessment Test.
  • Card of attendance for students
  • The Genuine Emirates ID.


HoursDurationNormal AED140/-Sundays AED220/-Eligibility
201 hourAED 2,800.00AED 4,400.00begining

Important Note:

After attending the mandatory lectures and passing the RTA theory test, you can proceed to the yard test and the final road test. If you cannot clear any of these tests, you will be assigned 4 hours of training.

Charges Of Heavy Truck License In UAE:

Opening a file38019447869
File transferring 33016.50346.50
Eyes test50290142
Class lecture40020420
Theory class1005105
Theory test703.50220293.50
Internal yard test703.50220293
Assessment Test1005105
Road Test703.50220293.50