How a Dubai start-up has transformed the car rental industry


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Why should you rent a car rather than buy one in the current economic situation?

A car lease is most often cheaper than taking out a loan to buy a vehicle, when done right. And it saves the constant headaches of down payment, insurance and the maintenance for a new car.

With all the economic uncertainty of a post-Covid world, it also makes better sense to opt for the flexibility of a car lease rather than the rigidity of a car loan.

But the process and logistics of renting a ride can still be a daunting task, starting with painstaking search and price comparisons from hundreds of car rental companies for a value deal. This is usually followed by a long trail of paper work before you can actually get to drive the car.

But entrepreneurs Hasan Jan Saduzai and Farhan Ali, plan to change all that. With their disruptive idea – a mobile application called eZhire – the start-up duo is looking to address all the common pain points, providing ways to make your rental experience as smooth as a drive on Shaikh Zayed Road.

What is eZhire?

This is an app-based car rental service that has gained traction in the UAE, as consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices for all their daily needs and activities. At the heart of the innovation is customer experience.

Being long-time residents of Dubai, co-founders of eZhire, Saduzai and Ali, were aware of the familiar challenges of renting a vehicle in the UAE. So they wanted to make a difference in the auto rental space with their idea of a mobile application, introducing convenience and simplified processes in an industry that still follows a very traditional way of leasing vehicles.

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“There is a huge potential in the car rental industry, if things are simple, easy and convenient,” says Farhan Ali, who works as the chief technology officer for eZhire.

“Careem and Uber have disrupted the traditional taxi industry with their smartphone-based ride-hailing services. They are our real inspirations, as both have implemented the app-based models to hire a taxi. We thought there is a need to change the car rental industry in the similar way. So we thoroughly observed, studied and analysed the way the sector operates, before introducing our rent-a-car application with easy and simple features. This technology has made a huge difference in the sector in a very short time.”

From idea to action

After launching the company, Saduzai and Ali soon registered their start-up with In5 Dubai – a platform that helps entrepreneurs and start-ups take new ideas to the marketplace – and got seed funding from Jabbar Internet Group, a leading investment company in the MENA region.

Farhan Ali, Co-founder and chief technology officer, and Hasan Jan Saduzai, Co-founder and CEO of eZhire
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“Aligning our idea with Jabbar Groups has put us on the map. Their guidance and experience have provided additional boost to eZhire,” says its CEO, Saduzai, adding, “Jabbar Group’s reputation and their humble and very understanding attitude have helped portfolio entrepreneurs, like us. I am excited about our association with Jabbar Group.”

Samih Toukan, Chairman, Jabbar Internet Group, said in a statement, “We see huge potential in eZhire and they are truly redefining the way people rent a car. They are the first-of-its-kind in the region. People really needed an easy way to get a car, and we believe eZhire is the answer to it.”

After consolidating its position in the UAE, the start-up will look at expanding its operations in Saudi Arabia. “As KSA is a big market in the Gulf, eZhire is eager to launch its services there. eZhire also has expansion plans in Pakistan in the coming months,” says Saduzai.

Now let’s find out how eZhire can help you rent a car without the conventional hassles of paperwork.

How it works

eZhire provides an easy and convenient 3-steps process that anyone can use to rent a car in the UAE. After registering on the app, the user just needs to click ‘book the car’ and can choose the vehicle type and size, based on their needs and preference. Next, they have to enter their phone numbers so that the eZhire team can contact them at the time of delivery of the car.

eZhire’s services are currently available all over the UAE, so customers can book any car in any city on daily, weekly and monthly rental options, without any security deposit. eZhire also has discount offers on monthly rental. Customers just need to make the registration once; after that, they can make the booking whenever they want.

Why eZhire?

“This is a hassle-free rent-a-car service that you can access anytime and anywhere simply by downloading the eZhire app, and all rental procedures can be managed through the app,” says Saduzai. “Moreover, there’s no need for any security deposit. You can select a car from any category and eZhire offers very affordable rates, which are always lower than the market rates. We also deliver the car at your doorstep.”

eZhire car fleet

The company has partnered with some of the top rent-a-car companies in the UAE and it boasts a large fleet of cars, from small hatchbacks to big SUVs.

Documents needed to rent a car

Anyone with a valid driving license, Emirates ID (for UAE residents) and passport and visa copies (for visitors), and a debit or credit card, can rent a car on eZhire app.

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So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to rent a car for a month or longer, or simply planning to get behind the power wheels of a SUV for a thrilling ride during the weekend, eZhire certainly makes renting a ride a lot easier now.

It’s also interesting to note that the start-up is currently working with a number of big auto rental companies in the market to expand its partnership and collaboration. “eZhire was launched with the idea to revolutionise the industry and strengthen its potential in correlation with other players, so that we can provide convenience to our clients and customers,” says Saduzai.

“We are here to build trust and loyalty in our clients and customers by working hard and delivering more than we promise.”

eZhire app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more details visit


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