How crime rate has come down by 70 per cent in these Sharjah areas

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Sharjah: The crime rate in Sharjah’s industrial areas fell 70 per cent during January of this year, according to Sharjah Police. The decrease follows ramped-up efforts to fight crime, a senior Sharjah Police officer said.

Colonel Yousef Obaid bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Centres Department, told Gulf News in exclusive interview that there is a noticeable decline in criminal cases in industrial areas, and crimes decreased by 70 per cent during the period January 1 until January 31.

Sharjah Police also achieved 100 per cent success in arresting culprits involved in crimes. Police attributed the lower crime rate to a new mechanism that involves tracking movements of suspects who were previously involved in criminal activities.

Sharjah Police has launched an awareness campaign about the security of the facilities in Sharjah’s industrial zones. There are 18 industrial areas zone in the city of Sharjah in addition to Al Sajja industrial area. There’s was a notable decrease in theft as well.

The campaign, which kicked off on December 9, 2020, aims to raise awareness among owners of industrial establishments, and enlists important measures that must be followed to enhance the security and safety of their facilities, which contributes to reducing crime rates, protection against theft and other accidents, and enhancing a sense of security and safety.

He also pointed out to the importance of monitoring security and safety systems and procedures through installation of high-quality surveillance cameras and fire alarm systems; hiring of qualified and well-trained security guards and closing the facility at the end of official working hours.

Col. Bin Harmoul said that police will use drones to patrol in the area, which can help crime scene investigation in a variety of ways. They can be used to collect evidence that may be difficult to reach from the ground.

Drones can survey the entire areas and provide maps and 3D images within minutes. In order to Use drones to map out the entire area for assessment, police needed to identify the key areas. These maps can then be used for all future events or crime scenes.

Moreover, drones can aid in chasing down suspects. When a suspect takes to the roof, it can be difficult for the ground units to know where he or she is. Having an eye in the sky provides critical intelligence and guides the ground units to optimal positions.

For a long time, surveillance has been known as an effective deterrent of crime. this notion has become ever more widespread in an age with more and more cameras, weather they’re in our pockets, or in the air. police in UAE have begun employing drones to be their eyes, searching the horizon for crime.

CCTV installation — Industrial firms to be linked to the police operation room

industrial companies have been asked to mandatorily install CCTV cameras, even as they will be linked directly to the Sharjah Police Operation Room to enhance security in the industrial sector.

Sharjah Police in cooperation with SCCI also launched a year-long community awareness campaign in Sharjah’s industrial zones under the theme that safety is key to the success of a business.

A special team from Sharjah police has been formed for the purpose. They will visit all premises in the industrial areas of Sharjah and educate them about safety measures to protect their businesses. He said that all industrial companies must install CCTVs and they will be connected to the police operation room.

Thefts have come down

He pointed out that theft cases at companies had sharply dropped during 2020 and first month of this year.

He urged business owners to report any negative phenomenon around their premises to the police. They could call toll free number Najeed at 800151 or contact Guard service (via police website or police smart application).

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Among the security measures that industrial companies were told to adopt were installing high-quality surveillance cameras that cover and monitor the largest area possible, installing fire alarm systems, hiring qualified and well-trained security guards and making sure that the facility is closed properly at the end of official working hours.

Model Industrial Zone

A model industrial zone will be set up in Sharjah Industrial Area No 10. The project will be carried out by Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD).

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