How Mediclinic is using robots to revolutionise healthcare


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At Mediclinic City Hospital, they have paired an experienced team of surgeons with the most advanced robotic surgical system available, an investment that will benefit the community for many years to come.

Less invasive surgical options

The da Vinci Xi acts as an extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands, giving the surgeon magnified vision and 360 degree dexterity of four arms – This enables the surgeons to perform the most delicate and complex procedures through very small incisions leading to a more precise surgery.

Launched in mid 2020, the team have successfully completed more than 100 surgeries which include adult and paediatric patients. Mediclinic City Hospital is dedicated to providing the best care for its patients by reducing risk, pain and recovery time.

The superior patient benefits of the robotic surgical system include:

• Smaller incisions

• Less blood loss

• Less risk of infection

• Shorter hospital stay

• Less scarring

• Quicker return to work

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How the da Vinci robotic system works

Some patients are concerned about the idea of robotic surgery and there is a misperception that a robot is performing the surgery without human intervention.

However, The da Vinci robotic system is combination of conventional laparoscopic technique and high-precision robotic technology. It uses four robotic arms that are expertly commanded by the surgeon sitting on the console making minute movements inside the body with the help of 3D high definition and 10 times magnified view for accurate targeting of the surgical area for the procedure.

The da Vinci robotic system has the same movement capacity as the human wrist. The design gives surgeon a better range of motion and dexterity than the human hand. In addition, the tremor filter eliminates any small uncontrollable movement in the surgeon’s hands. As a result of the capable of generating very delicate movements and high definition magnification, the system is ideal for surgery on minute vessels such as within the smaller paediatric patients.

Surgeons conducting robotically assisted surgery procedures require specialised training to operate the robot. At Mediclinic City Hospital we take pride in having internationally trained and highly experienced robotic surgeons performing a range of complex surgeries using the latest robotic surgical system.

Mediclinic City Hospital’s robotic surgical team offers complex, minimally invasive surgeries for adults and children in the areas of:


Colorectal procedures include a number of operations that are performed on the colon (large intestine), rectum (end of large bowel) and anal canal.


A hernia occurs when tissue bulges through an opening in the abdomen or groin area, resulting in pain and swelling. The da Vinci system makes hernia repair surgery easier with small incisions helping the patient to recover faster and with less risk of post op complications.

Pelvic floor

Lifestyle factors can contribute to the weakening of muscles and connective tissues which are supporting pelvic organs (uterus, bladder and rectum). This weakening can lead to slipping down or “prolapse” of the organs from their actual position. The common symptoms in relation to pelvic organ prolapse include sense discomfort or pressure in the pelvic area, bulge in the vagina, incontinence etc. Surgical interventional becomes necessary when medicine and physiotherapy options have been exhausted.

Upper gastrointestinal

The upper gastrointestinal (GI) organs include the oesophagus (food pipe), stomach, duodenum, small bowel, pancreas, liver and biliary tree. The surgeries are performed to treat a range of diseases and disorders are GERD, gastrectomy, pancreatic cancer, liver resection, gall bladder removal and more.


Urological procedures involves surgery on organs including the kidney, urinary bladder, urethra, ureter and the male reproductive organs such as the prostate. Robotic prostatectomy is today the most common approach to treating prostate cancer around the world. Other surgeries include paediatric pyleoplasty, which involves removal of a blockage that is keeping urine from reaching the bladder, removal of part or whole kidney or urinary bladder performed to remove a cancer, and treatment of rectal cancer


The robotic surgical system can help in procedures such as treatment of endometriosis, hysterectomy, removal of fibroids, removal of ovaries, pelvic floor prolapse and more.

Dr Roger Gerjy, Consultant General Surgeon and Director of Robotic Surgery, says “Robotic assisted surgery will continue to embrace and integrate advancement in a number of key areas. At Mediclinic City Hospital we are reaching out to other Mediclinic hospitals to further train our skilled surgeons to increase the scope of services that can be provided under the robotic assisted surgery umbrella. In the very near future we will see a growth in these areas with expertise from around the Mediclinic network providing the latest quality of care to patients”


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