How to Check NOL Card Balance

How to Check NOL Card Balance

Dubai is known as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world as tourists from different regions hit here to refresh themselves. According to research in the year 2019, there were 16.73 million tourists visit Dubai, and the target for this year 2020 they are expecting around 20 million tourists.

Dubai is expensive

This city is one of the most expensive and luxurious cities in the Middle East. Tourists pay a lot of amount on local traveling, as Taxi is much expensive here. So, to facilitate the locals/tourists, the Government has also introduced some local traveling methods, and it’s charged you just a few bucks.

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Traveling Modes in Dubai

The following are different modes of transport in Dubai. You can choose according to your pocket and comfort:


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) controlled this service. The bus is very comfortable and you can visit different tourist spots in the city. Its charges start from 2 AED.


Metro is one of the most common modes of public transport in Dubai.


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If you are looking for your comfort and your pocket allowed you than Taxis are a convenient way to getting around Dubai. It’s fare start from 1.60 AED per kilometer.

Water Bus

The water bus is also an economical way of traveling from Bur Dubai to Deira. Its fares starting from 1-4 AED, depending on the route you take.

NOL Card

To commute on the above-stated modes of transport, the Dubai Government has introduced an electronic ticketing card name as NOL. This card is developed by Hong Kong company back in August 2009. Anyone can get this card from Metro Station or Bus Terminal. It is just like a prepaid card and you can top-up it through credit/debit card and cash.

Types of NOL Card

There are four types of NOL Cards:

NOL Silver Card

It is just like a basic card. You can top-up up to 1000 AED in it. The charges for this card is 25 AED.

NOL Gold Card

This card is the same as the silver card. This card gives you access to Gold class seats of the metro. The charges for this card is 25 AED.

NOL Blue Card

It is a personalized card. You can top-up up to 5000 AED in it. The charges for this card is 70 AED.

NOL Red Card

If you are an occasional traveler than this card is best for you. The charges for this card are 2 AED only. It is up to 10 single trips.

How to check NOL Card Balance?

  • You can check the NOL card balance online through RTA official Website,
  • Open the website and enter the NOL card number (NOL Tag ID) that is mentioned on the backside of the card and click on the check button.
  • You can also check NOL card balance through RTA mobile app and it is easily available on the play store. Just download it and open the application. Select view NOL balance and enter the card number (NOL Tag ID).
  • If you have no internet access still you can check the NOL card balance through a vending machine installed at terminals/stations.
  • Every time we travel and tap in/out our NOL card on the machine for the transaction. As a result, the machine flashes the remaining balance on the screen.

How to top up your NOL card balance.

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) now offers an online topup service for the Nol card ( Any NOL cardholder of Nol Blue, Gold, and Silver cards, can avail of this service.

What is the minimum balance for Nol card?

AED 7.50 is the minimum balance of NOL card to keep yourself moving. So top up your NOL card before approaching the Metro gate entrance or boarding on the bus.