How to Get Your Dream Job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Vacancies 2020)

Find Dream Job In Dubai

How to find Job in Dubai 2019, UAE – Success Guaranteed to Get Jobs in Gulf region Easily

Ladies & Gentlemen Welcome to the hottest topic in Dubai How to find a job in the United Arab Emirates?
I’m going to walk you through all these steps just read till the end. I’m going to give you clear steps on How to get a job in Dubai?
Just follow these 17 steps to get a job in Dubai. Here we go;

Contacts / Vasta

Use Your Contacts to Find Job in Dubai

So, the first one in which I tell everyone to get a job in UAE, is you need to have connections. In UAE the slang “Vasta” is used for that. It means influence. If you do not have contacts, you do not get a job. Everything in the UAE is “Vasta.” Your contacts may lead you in a better way to find job in Dubai.
You need to have decision-makers or influencers around you what I mean by decision-makers, people who are always desperate to help you out. They can decide to deliver a service or make something immediately and in a perfect way.
You don’t know when you’ll run into a person that could aid you with your job search. Even when you are going to the store, you should appear groomed.

Resume – Your Power Weapon

Empower Your Resume / CV to Find Job In Dubai

Believe me. Your CV is your weapon in the field of the job hunt. It’s not putting the pink color of pages or your yellow color of headings or putting this far enough in a box and putting some flowers on your CV. No! You have to work on the content of your CV. Content is the King; you must have a world-class resume.
Human Resources Managers have specific keywords and aspects that they look into when finding a resume.
Remember this;
If a dumb guy is looking at your resume and you put high profile words, imagine what would he do.

Our Tips for Your CV

Your resume is like bait for recruiters. They only want to see what they are looking for. They just want to filter your skills and your experience, and that’s all. Seriously telling no one has time to read five pages of resume.
The first thing you are going to do is Updating your CV and creating a Cover Letter. Never use an outdated CV. Try to lessen it to 2 or 3 pages. Update your CV according to the Job Description. And focus on what the relevant HR is looking for. Don’t make your Resume as a Buffet!
If you’ve got spelling errors, it can be the kiss of death for your chances of landing the job you want.

Use the spell-check feature of your computer before sending your resume out to anyone. You don’t want any spelling errors on your resume because they will kill your chances.

The company name should be spelled appropriately as well in the cover letter.
A lot of people are offended by misspellings of their names, but it is worse when you are trying to impress with your intelligence.

My Opinion

Why do we need to update the skill set? Before we send out the CV’s Let me give you a background, most of the HR’s in UAE, they use a particular software which automatically picks up the resume which matches the skill set. And, the remaining resumes are not considered. So, updating your skill sets in the CV is very important. Please read the Job Description thoroughly before applying for any job. Don’t forget to have a Cover Letter along with your resume. Urgent job vacancies take less time to check your cv.

You need to show things on your cv like job shadow experience, volunteering, and even seasonal jobs. Do not forget your hobbies, sports, and clubs, but never go in detail. Keep it the least short.

Beat the Competition

Know Your Competition to Find Job In Dubai

Differentiate standout product positioning you should be able to position yourself and stand apart from everyone. Let’s this thing in mind, as soon as they get more than 3,000 CVs a day, but when they call for interviews, they get only 2,030 guys. You have to stand out from your resume.


Get to Know Your Target Companies

The next thing you got to do is Register on these websites like Dubizzle, Indeed, Gulf News, Khaleej Times and Bayt. There are further websites available on the internet as well. I would personally suggest using these websites that I have mentioned.

Most of the companies prefer to use their online database to find new employers. Find your relevant company’s websites and register on their careers page. Fill out the forms and submit your CV online.
When you’re looking for a job, try going to the main employer’s website. What this means is a search for the job on the Internet using a query that includes the exact position. You may see that the exact job you want will come up with your search.
Most important don’t forget LinkedIn. It is like the Facebook of professionals. Build a detailed and professional profile.

Market Research

Learn the Latest Trends In the Market

Research, here I’m talking about is market research. Most of my friends have this question in mind. How is the Job Market in UAE? Let me ask you a question. Can you predict the future? The answer is NO. No one can. We are human.

To answer all these questions, you have to come down to Dubai personally.
Try to get to the main officers in the company, not even an HR Recruiter, not a consultancy. But directly from a company. You should call them and ask if there is any job opportunity available? I’m from XYZ Country. Are the jobs available? Then you could find out How’s the market.
When you are researching the company that you are applying for, you should also look into their competitors. This is an excellent way to impress your interviewer.

Make sure you know something about the company that is interviewing you. The more you know about the organization and its image, the more impressive you will appear. As a result, you’ll stand out from the other applicants. Therefore, it can increase your odds of getting a job.
When you go to the interview, this information will help you stand out
Also, knowing current events and pertinent business topics will show you are well-versed in the industry.

Local Experience

Local Experience – A Plus Point

In this case, there are two conditions, either you must have a local experience, or you must have a specialization in a very demanding industry.

You can be from the Philippines you can be from Pakistan you can be from India. However, if you do not have a local experience, it’s tough for you to get this job. Unless it’s a very specialized field let’s say like you know ERP solutions that nobody else can do.

If you don’t have a local experience, it comes very very hard to find a related job. You can have ten years’ experience in the Philippines as a manager or 10 years from Pakistan or India where you’re the director, but once you come here, it’s almost zero unless you have very demanding expertise.

My suggestion for those who are new in Dubai, find an outsourcing platform in your surroundings while you search for a job. This will bring you experience and a bit of money as well.

Make Yourself Lucky

Give it a Bit of Emotional Touch

You should have luck on your side. Luck is very important nobody talks about it but trust me luck is everything. And making yourself lucky and proudful who you are, here is my personally tested method. Before leaving or on the way for an interview call you your mom, your father you sister your best friend, whoever loves you the most. Tell them;
Hey! Mom, I have an interview today. And believe me that person is going to give you such a boost in your self-confidence, you never know. Try it, and you will salute me.

Confidence is always important, but no one wants to listen to arrogance.

Interview Skills

Be Yourself – Be Real You

Interview skills are not like;
Tell me something about yourself?
Sir! I was born in India, and now I’m searching for a job, and I’m very hard-working. When I work, I give 100% to my job. I am very hardworking, and I achieve my targets no matter whatever they are. If I do a job, I’ll do it so perfectly that nobody else can. Sir if we employ me, you’ll never regret I am very very very committed to the job.

Honestly speaking this is not the way to showcase yourself.
By interview skills I mean the conversation that you have with the other party, must be unique and should match with your personality.

At this point, my only opinion is to be YOU. Everyone wants to know about you but not an actor.

My Opinion

You should, and you must deliver a pure and natural display of your personality and skills. I mean, don’t overreact and don’t ever claim expertise that you are not good at or you need to learn more about it. Directly tell them; I am working on this, or I am learning this. Believe me, they will like your behavior of being honest with them, and this will build a better relationship between both parties.

Get Good at Marketing Yourself

Advertise Yourself – Make Yourself a Brand

You have to be good at marketing yourself. If you’re not good at marketing yourself, you do not know what to say or how to deliver what you have to say. You’ll not get a job, my dear friend, you must be better by marketing, and you need to work on this.


You Are A Brand

Visually you should be stunning, and you should sound amazing, and your appearance should please the person to whom you are talking to. A perfect blend of all these behaviors will be your easy roadmap to your dream job.
Keep Your Words.

You must leave an impact on every sentence that you give. Every sentence every statement you must impress. Your interviewer must be wowed by listening to you as you speak.

Use Your Time Wisely

Time is Money

When you are not working for any company or anyone it is a golden time. This is the time when you can work for yourself. Invest this time to polish your skills, and later on, you will be proud of yourself.
Another thing, you must be prepared with your sales pitch. You should know the time frame when you are dealing with someone. What is the sales pitch if you attract the CEO in an elevator for within 30 seconds you must sell yourself you must say wow give me your business card, that is a sales pitch.
Even the last 10 seconds of talk with the interviewer can bring your career a big boost.
You must have money because when you don’t have money, you will get desperate to make sure that you have enough time in mind.
My suggestion is to find some means of outsourcing your skills in the meantime this will generate some revenue for you as well.

Be a Good Listener

Good Listeners Are Great Leaders

You should be a fantastic conversationalist. You should have the right plan from knowing when to listen and when to speak, what to ask and how to move the conversation forward. And if you are a great conversationalist it builds a good understanding, and if you build rapport the guy likes you, and this is when you win a job interview. And this will lead you to your dream job in Dubai 2019.

Driver’s License

Driving License, A Plus Point

Not much but still one of the essential things to get a job in UAE is a driver’s license. You must have a driver’s license. Most of the companies won’t hire a driver for you apparently. Don’t have driver’s license, not a big issue but at least obtain your NOL card it is used in almost all of the public transport in UAE.

Be Likeable

Be Impressable

Try to be at your best while you are looking for a job. You should be likable is very important if you’re not vital you don’t get a job to remember everyone makes the emotional decisions emotionally so emotions are compelling indicators so you must be likable if you’re not likable no you’re not going to be the guy.

Stay in touch with those who hire at the place where you have interviewed.
It also allows you to demonstrate that you’re ready and willing to learn everything you can about your job.
Always send a thank you message to follow-up on anyone present at your interview.

This displays that you’re genuinely interested in acquiring the position, and your communication skills are likely to impress.

My opinion

You should be a fantastic conversationalist. You should have the right plan from knowing when to listen and when to speak, what to ask and how to move the conversation forward. And if you are a great conversationalist it builds a good understanding, and if you build rapport the guy likes you, and this is when you win a job interview. And this will lead you to your dream job in Dubai 2019.
So, you have updated your CV. You have registered on the websites. What’s the plan of action? Now you are back in your home country, and you want to apply for jobs. Do you think you will get a job from there? In reality, it’s difficult to get a job or applying from abroad. If you are applying from your home country, there are lots of consultancies who can help you with this. I have seen personally; my friends are getting scammed on these consultancies. Who charges you some amount, promise you a job in U.A.E. But there is no coming back or calls from the company. The company has shut down

Take Care of Yourself

Stay Safe

Of course, some consultancies will recruit for Nurses. They even promise you a job. I’m not saying that’s its wrong or something. Many people have got a job from these consultancies. But the fair chances are very less. There are very fewer chances for people who are applying from abroad. I’m being honest about it.

I am not saying all of the agencies are the same, but you need to be careful, especially when it is a matter of money.
I would suggest that an individual should come down to UAE personally Come on a visit visa. Visas are available from 1 month to 3 months depending upon your home country. You can apply for one month, or a 3-months Visa Come here in Dubai and apply for a job.

Packing your Bags

• Where do I get the tickets to Dubai?
• How do I arrange the Dubai Visa?
• What about my accommodation in Dubai?
• What about the food in Dubai?
• How do I travel to Dubai?
• I’m Alone. I’m Scared.
• Whom should I contact?
This post will help you with all of this. Find local agencies to arrange a visit visa for you. Don’t ever rely on just one agency or consultancy. Check out different companies, get help from friends. Ask people who have visited or traveled by utilizing the services of travel agencies.


So, if I were to summarize the 17 points on which are proved to be successful in getting a job in UAE

  1. Having contacts VASTA the decision-makers
  2. Make a stunning CV
  3. Your appearance must make you stand out whether in person or paper or web
  4. Use the internet for your job hunt
  5. Find out and research for the relevant companies
  6. having the local experience of the relevant market
  7. Ask your well-wishers to pray for you
  8. Be confident and real with the interviewer at the time of interview
  9. Get good at marking yourself aggressively and amazingly
  10. Show a perfect personality to your interviewer
  11. Leave a good impact always in every statement.
  12. Don’t waste your time learn to use it
  13. Be a wise talker
  14. Driver’s license
  15. likeability is very important
  16. Keep yourself safer from baits
  17. Involve everyone in your circle

So, these are the points of getting a job in Dubai. Hope their selves I wish you all the best as you search for a job.

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