How To Get Driving License Easily In UAE-2023?

Driving License In Sharjah With Dubai Visa

We will guide you thoroughly on how to get a driving license easily in UAE. Driving is a skill that can transport you anywhere, no matter where you reside. However, obtaining a driver’s license might be challenging for various reasons. This Dubai driving license guide will assist you in overcoming any obstacles by defining the processes, methods, and advice involved in acquiring a driving license.

How To Apply UAE Driving License In Abu Dhabi?

If you are of driving age, follow our step-by-step method to get a Dubai driving license. The Dubai driving license application procedure is straightforward yet stringent.

 How To Get Driving License Easily In UAE
UAE Driving License

Driving Licence procedure in Abu Dhabi?

  • Get your eyes checked.
  • This may be done at your driving school or by an optician.
  • Register at a Dubai RTA-approved driving school and submit all required documentation.
  • Get your Dubai learner’s permit or temporary driving license and start training.
  • Complete all theoretical questions, which may be done online or at driving schools.
  • Pass the theory test to go to practical training.
  • Complete the valuable lessons and schedule your internal evaluation.
  • After completing the internal review, you must take highway and city road lessons.
  • Pass the internal parking exam for the school to apply for the RTA test.
  • Pass the test, then the RTA road test.
  • Obtain a permit.

If you fail your first try, you must complete an extra seven instruction classes before retaking the road test. You can also look for a list of countries where UAE driving license is valid.

How To Take Dubai Driving License?

Anyone above 18 can apply for a driving license in Dubai. A probationary license is eligible to those between 18 and 21. The RTA must receive an ambitious license application in Arabic (Road and Traffic Authority). Authorized driving schools in Dubai will handle that. The RTA grants a temporary license based on this application, which must be carried out throughout the training.

How To Get Dubai Driving Licence?

To apply for a Dubai driving course, Emiratis need a valid Emirates ID. Expats have distinct driving license requirements in Dubai. If you are an international resident in Dubai, you must provide the following documents:

  • Your Emirates ID number (copy and original)
  • Your passport, including the visa page (copy)
  • Photos in passport size minimum of 3
  • Your visual test results
  • The letter of “no objection” from your sponsor 

In Dubai, there is no shortcut to obtaining a driver’s license. You must pass a few examinations to receive a legal driving license in Dubai. Your driving school schedules the theoretical exam. After passing all internal examinations, including the yard parking exam, you can go on to the RTA tests. You can only take the RTA road test if you pass the RTA theoretical test.

Theory Test:

Using our Dubai driving license guidance, you will know precisely what to expect from these driving examinations. Prepare extensively before these examinations to save time, money, and stress.

Your theoretical test will be held at an approved driving school (typically the one where you are registered). It would help if you had your: on the test day.

  • Emirates ID is required.
  • Driving Record
  • Two passport-sized pictures
  • The cost of the theory test

The exam consists of 35 questions to assess your understanding of road/driving risks, signals and signs and safe-driving rules. There will be three parts. The first portion includes 17 questions concerning different traffic scenarios. To pass this part, you must adequately answer at least 11 questions. The second portion consists of 18 questions about driving license details. 

You must correctly answer 12 questions to qualify for the final road test.

The Risks Recognition Test’s final section consists of a series of movies representing various environmental circumstances. The MCQ’s in this section focus on your strategy for dealing with these problems and associated dangers.

This test is administered on a touch-screen computer in either English or Arabic. Candidates who are unfamiliar with these languages can take an oral examination instead.

How To Pass RTA Test?

  • Read and comprehend the RTA guide completely.
  • Use the RTA mobile app to practice as often as possible.
  • Keep track of all road and traffic signs.
  • Take online practice exams to see where you stand.

A Parking Test:

At your driving school’s bright yard, you may take a wholly automated test with specific parking directions. The parking test consists of five phases. These are some examples:

  • Parking on a slope/hill
  • Brakes for emergencies
  • Parking at an Angle/of 60 degrees
  • Parking in a Garage/90 degrees
  • Parking in Rows

If you couldn’t pass the parking exam five times a row, you must retake the internal evaluation.

Road Trials And Assessments:

This is the final and maybe most challenging stage in obtaining a driving license in Dubai. Why? It’s because from where you demonstrate to the tester that you are deserving of this driver’s license – and you only have 10 to 12 minutes to do it! This is a practical exam; you will be driving, so be psychologically prepared. On the day of the test, keep the following items to the RTA driving license center in Dubai:

  • Emirates Identification
  • Driving Record
  • Three passport-sized pictures
  • The cost of the road test

Wait patiently for the results and Follow the RTA examiner to the allotted automobile, together with the other applicants. When it’s your time, drive confidently and in a manner that reflects your overall driving abilities.

How To Get Driving License Easily In UAE


How To Get A Driving License In Abu Dhabi with Dubai visa?

If you are looking for that, can I apply driving license in Abu Dhabi with a Dubai visa? Then you came to the right place. It would help if you had multiple things prepared for that:

  • Copies of passport and visa pages.
  • Original and duplicate Emirates ID cards.
  • Eye exam results.
  • There should get a no-objection letter from the sponsor.
  • Three passport-size pictures.

Can I drive in Dubai with Kuwait, Qatar, and South African licence?

If you plan a vacation to Dubai from these Asian nations, you will be able to drive your dream automobile without any restrictions. Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and South Korea are the countries include. The driving licenses from Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey are accepted in Dubai.

How to renew UAE driving license in Dubai?

The penalty for failing to renew a driver’s license within ten years is 10 AED every month, up to a maximum of 500 AED. If it has expired for more than ten years, the consumer can only renew it after passing the Road test.

Can an Indian driving license be used in Dubai?

An Indian driving license cannot use in Dubai, UAE. You cannot drive in Dubai or anyplace else in the UAE with a standard Indian license. However, if you contain an international license, you may be able to apply for a Dubai license.

Is Dubai Driving License Valid In Pakistan?

PM Imran Khan has asked the necessary authorities to accept foreign driving licenses. The PM issued the orders in response to hundreds of inquiries from expatriates via the Prime Minister’s Portal.