How Well Does Pet Food Business Work In Dubai?

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How Well Does Pet Food Business Work In Dubai?

Possession of a pet in UAE is considered as the status symbol due to which they are becoming popular as entrepreneurs and high-income earners. Based on the increasing trend of pet-owning in UAE especially in Dubai’s population has started considering their pets as part of their family. Due to the increased relationship of pets and owners, their concerns for their pet’s health like, weight, aversions, dietary tolerances, and vaccinations, etc. have also increased. Due to which the demand for several types of pet foods in the Dubai pet food industry has also heightened up. Now the food to the pets is being provided in the proper nutritious form even it is also served to them with proper menus and servings in hotels even. So the pet food industry has started customizing special food products with natural preservatives for them which has opened many new doors for the pet food business industry.

So here are the few ways through which the pet food business is doing well in Dubai:

Growing Pet food market

In Dubai, the hotels’ businesses have heightened up one more step by allowing the pets to enter in several spaces like hotels, restaurants, parks, etc. Even various hotels also used to welcome pets gladly by offering them some accessories or treating them with special canine menus and services. The product line diversification in pet food has opened a lot market for the business dealers. Now they are gaining the market by introducing products like gluten-free, multigrain, grain-free, protein-filled, etc.
These days, pet owners are more likely to buy less refined or processed food for pets with fewer fillers and natural preservatives. The introduction of organic food in pets especially with no pesticides, flavors, or genetically modified organisms, artificial preservatives is further creating the doors for the pet food market. The pet food market is highly competitive enough and the business holders are going to face challenging situations from the pet owner who often used to hold them responsible when any of their pet suffers through any kind of health issue.

Increase in product type

The business of dry food for pets in Dubai holds the highest market share in the pet’s food industry. It’s the most convenient food both for storing and feeding purposes. The dried food can be even left in the bowl for the pets to let them consume it by their own will and demand without the fear of getting spoiled. Whereas, dry kibbles are mostly available in several shapes, types, and sizes to let them be suitable for several kinds of pets. The canned food, snacks, and treats are also obtainable in the dried food product line.

Competitive Setting

Dubai’s pet food market provides the profile of key players. This market is diverse enough and still left much to cater to. The entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, consultants, or any of those who are planning to invest should consider the pet food market in any manner.

Diversity in Ingredient

The pet market in Dubai has also a margin of growth in cereal derivatives, plant derivatives, and animal derivatives. Presently, the animal derivatives account for the major market share because it provides a variety of nutrients which includes the proteins, amino acids, fats, minerals, and vitamins which are vital for a pet’s health.

Breakup by Distribution Channel

The pet food business is getting vast by various distribution channels like supermarkets and hypermarkets, grocery marts, convenience stores, online stores, and others. Among these supermarkets and hypermarkets signifies the leading distribution channel. Even several pet food manufacturers are spending money on advertisements, promotional activities, advertising campaigns, and marketing strategies especially inside the supermarkets, grocery stores, and hypermarkets which are stimulating the sales of pet food.


People who used to possess pets to care for them in the same manner as they do of their family members. Possession not only includes keeping them inside homes but also to take care of their health concerns as well as nutrition. Pets also like to eat different flavors as humans. Due to which a huge market for the pet food is there for the manufacturers to opt that market by offering various kinds of nutrients with different flavors to the pets. This market has not only opened the doors for the manufacturers but also for the distributors, suppliers, sellers, and retailers to start selling food to the new emerging market along with the humans market. So, opt more market share in the business of pet food by offering a more hygienic meal for the pets. Consider the pets as an important family portion as you take humans.