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download Ramadan Timetable 2021 UAE Sharjah Ajman Dubai
download Ramadan Timetable 2021 UAE Sharjah Ajman Dubai

Ramadan Timetable 2021 UAE Sharjah Ajman Dubai

Below is the time table for Ramadan fasting in UAE 2021.

Dubai Ramadan Time Table 2021

1Tuesday13-Apr4:29 AM4:39 AM5:55 AM12:22 PM3:50 PM6:44 PM8:00 PM
2Wednesday14-Apr4:28 AM4:38 AM5:54 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:44 PM8:01 PM
3Thursday15-Apr4:27 AM4:37 AM5:53 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:45 PM8:01 PM
4Friday16-Apr4:26 AM4:36 AM5:52 AM12:21 PM3:49 PM6:45 PM8:02 PM
5Saturday17-Apr4:25 AM4:35 AM5:51 AM12:21 PM3:49 PM6:46 PM8:03 PM
6Sunday18-Apr4:23 AM4:33 AM5:50 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:46 PM8:03 PM
7Monday19-Apr4:22 AM4:32 AM5:49 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:47 PM8:04 PM
8Tuesday20-Apr4:21 AM4:31 AM5:49 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:47 PM8:05 PM
9Wednesday21-Apr4:20 AM4:30 AM5:48 AM12:20 PM3:48 PM6:48 PM8:05 PM
10Thursday22-Apr4:19 AM4:29 AM5:47 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:48 PM8:06 PM
11Friday23-Apr4:18 AM4:28 AM5:46 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:49 PM8:07 PM
12Saturday24-Apr4:17 AM4:27 AM5:45 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:49 PM8:07 PM
13Sunday25-Apr4:16 AM4:26 AM5:44 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:50 PM8:08 PM
14Monday26-Apr4:15 AM4:25 AM5:43 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:50 PM8:09 PM
15Tuesday27-Apr4:14 AM4:24 AM5:43 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:51 PM8:09 PM
16Wednesday28-Apr4:13 AM4:23 AM5:42 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:51 PM8:10 PM
17Thursday29-Apr4:12 AM4:22 AM5:41 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:52 PM8:11 PM
18Friday30-Apr4:11 AM4:21 AM5:40 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:52 PM8:11 PM
19Saturday1-May4:10 AM4:20 AM5:40 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:53 PM8:12 PM
20Sunday2-May4:09 AM4:19 AM5:39 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:53 PM8:13 PM
21Monday3-May4:08 AM4:18 AM5:38 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:54 PM8:13 PM
22Tuesday4-May4:07 AM4:17 AM5:37 AM12:18 PM3:45 PM6:54 PM8:14 PM
23Wednesday5-May4:07 AM4:17 AM5:37 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:55 PM8:15 PM
24Thursday6-May4:06 AM4:16 AM5:36 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:55 PM8:16 PM
25Friday7-May4:05 AM4:15 AM5:35 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:56 PM8:16 PM
26Saturday8-May4:04 AM4:14 AM5:35 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:56 PM8:17 PM
27Sunday9-May4:03 AM4:13 AM5:34 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:57 PM8:18 PM
28Monday10-May4:02 AM4:12 AM5:34 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:57 PM8:19 PM
29Tuesday11-May4:02 AM4:12 AM5:33 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:58 PM8:19 PM
30Wednesday12-May4:01 AM4:11 AM5:32 AM12:18 PM3:43 PM6:58 PM8:20 PM

These prayer times are for Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. For Abu Dhabi, add four minutes. Deduct four minutes for Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, and six minutes for Fujairah.

Download below the 2021 Ramadan Calendar in UAE

Ramadan-Timetable-2021-UAE-Sharjah-Ajman-Dubai (1)

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