Indian cleaners in Dubai dump Dh10,000 handbag in trash bin

Dubai: Two Indian workers in Dubai, accused of stealing an expensive luxury handbag from a woman, claimed they thought it was a garbage bag and dumped it in a trash bin while cleaning the apartment.

According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the two defendants aged 32 and 27 were charged with stealing a luxury designer handbag worth nearly Dh10,000 from an apartment in Dubai’s Al Barsha area.

The victim testified that last October, the two defendants arrived at her apartment for cleaning. After they left, the woman claimed that her handbag was missing. “It was kept at the corner between the living room and the bathroom. I asked the cleaning agency’s supervisor about the bag, who said they had thrown it in the trash bin,” the woman said on record.

A 29-year-old policeman, who was dispatched to the location after the woman reported the incident, said the security guards told him that the cleaners had thrown the expensive handbag in a trash bin, thinking it was just a garbage.

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“They claimed that they dumped it in the building’s waste bin. The security guard [at the building] said the bulky waste was later collected by the municipality,” the policeman said on record.

A verdict is expected on June 14.

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