Indian expat saved from death row in UAE gets job offer from Lulu’s Yusuffali after reaching Kerala

Abu Dhabi: Lulu Group has offered a job to an Indian expat who was saved from capital punishment by a firing squad in the UAE after the retail chain’s chairman and managing director M.A. Yusuffali paid Dh500,000 in blood money.

Charavattayi Krishnan Becks, 45, who was sentenced to death for running over a Sudanese boy in September 2012, had an emotional reunion with his family after almost nine years in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Becks had been languishing in jail after the UAE Supreme Court found him guilty of killing the eight-year-old boy after he recklessly drove and rammed his car into a group of children.

He flew home on Tuesday and was received by his wife Veena and son Advaith, who had not seen his father since he was four.

Indian media covered emotional scenes that took place when Becks he met them at the Cochin International Airport and later his aged parts at home in Thrissur district.

“I am very happy,” Becks, who termed his release as a rebirth, said on reaching home.

He said had renewed hope of returning home only after Yusuffali intervened in the case.

He thanked Yusuffali and prayed for the good health and long life of his saviour. Becks also thanked Abdulla Kutty, the administration manager at Lulu Group, for constantly following up the case.

New life, new job

Meanwhile, Yusuffali has also offered a job to Becks.

“Let him spend some quality time with his family. His life has to move on. We will definitely offer him a suitable job in one of our entities across the world,”  he said.

Yusuffali also clarified that helping Becks was not a charity act after he survived a helicopter crash.

Yusuffali, his wife, two staff members and two pilots had had a miraculous escape after the retail tycoon’s helicopter belly-landed in a swamp in Kerala on April 11.

Pointing out that the release for Becks was secured after a long-drawn process, Yusuffali said he had deposited the blood money amount in the court in January this year.

“Many people think that I helped him as sadaqah [voluntary charity] after my helicopter accident. That is not correct.”

Yusuffali, who had undergone a spinal surgery following the chopper crash, said he had helped Becks on humanitarian grounds and there was a possibility to save him by paying the blood money as per the law of the land.

“You can’t measure the value of a life with money… But the blood money is their [the victim’s family’s] right as per our religion…no matter the amount. We had to convince both the parents to accept it as he is a young man with a family.”

He said he had brought down the Sudanese family to the UAE for negotiations and also coordinated with the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to follow the legal procedures.

Ever since Becks’ family got to know that he was sentenced to death by firing squad, they had been trying for his release without any success.

The victim’s family had gone back and settled in Sudan and did not wish to entertain any discussion on offering him pardon by accepting the blood money of Dh200,000.

When all their efforts to secure Becks’ release failed, the family sought help from Yusuffali.

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