Indian immigrant millionaire wins DH12 millions

abu dhabi big ticket draw earn extra money

In the Indian immigrant millionaire, the ‘big ticket’ DH12 out of the Abu Dhabi rituals took out

This is the third time awards that large ticket administrators are such a big prize.
George Mathew’s winning number is 175342. He lives in Ajmer and works for Gulf News.

Dream draws 12 million rifles Series 1958 was carried out at 10:00 pm on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

This was the first big-ticket lottery January because the third prize of this kind of big-ticket was that the third time was with DH12 million similarly with the amount of a jacket followed by the draw of April’s biggest in history. Is.

In January, an Indian domestic, green Kolkata, also became a Billionaire DH12 after winning, a large rifle ticket prize in Abu Dhabi.

In it, fifteen years of staying in the country more than the third Grand Ticket ticket proved to be the biggest new year gift for his family.

In April, in South Carolina, John Wiraghecy, Dubai’s state-of-the-art state of Kerala, won 12 million DH major tickets in South India. Sharing the amount of Varanasi prize with three other people in the same state in which he tickets collectively.

Luxury vehicles are cash prizes.
The biggest ticket is the largest and the last-ever monthly prize cash prize and dreams luxury cars in Abu Dhabi.

These tickets can be purchased online at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Imam Ain Duty-Free and City Terminal Abu Dhabi.

The ticket is kept at the price of their regular Dh500, and if you buy two tickets, have a “Buy and Get One” scheme according to a free ticket.

Watch this live here.