Ishraqa clinic in Sharjah provides psychological support to child victims of violence and family conflicts

Sharjah: The Child Protection and Social Welfare Department of the Social Services Department in Sharjah said that its psychological clinic ‘Ishraqa’ has provided 422 services during the first quarter of 2021.

The services included psychological, rehabilitative, therapeutic, behavioural, educational and social aspects that support the child. 232 children benefited from the scheme during the first quarter of 2021.

Ali Mohammad Fakhra, Acting Director of the Child Protection and Social Welfare Department, said that through the Ishraqa psychological clinic, which was launched since 2015, the department was seeking to rehabilitate child victims of abuse and sexual harassment. Support is also provided to those without social care, enabling them to overcome the ordeal and move forward to a better life through the various treatment programs offered through the clinic.

Ishraqa is a psychological treatment programme aimed at treating and rehabilitating victims of assault or sexual harassment. It is based on two main objectives — providing the necessary support for sexually abused children by removing the psychological impact, in addition to preparing the child to accept life, armed with tools that enable him to live in a safe and secure way.

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Fakhra pointed out that the programme is one of the services that seek to provide a child-friendly environment that incubates his issues, preserves all his rights and works to ensure his protection in all levels, which is embodied by the initiatives, projects and services adopted by the Department of Social Services.

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