Lebanese expatriate in Dubai wins Dh1m in Mahzooz draw

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Dubai: A 67-year-old Lebanese expat hit it big and walked away with Dh1 million after winning the second-tier prize in the latest ‘Mahzooz’ weekly draw.

Bassem, a long-time UAE resident, was the only participant to match five out of the six winning numbers (1-2-16-18-36-45) during the live draw held on April 17. He is Mahzooz’s fifth millionaire of 2021 and also the second Lebanese expat to win Dh1 million, after his compatriot, Abu Ali, grabbed the second prize on January 31.

Bassem said he was a long-time Mahzooz participant. He said: “I even have a set routine to check my numbers if I won. This week’s draw proved anything but routine. I checked my numbers and was in shock. I was thrilled when I saw that I had won a million dirhams. It was my first time ever winning.”

Turning things around

Bassem is a businessman and lives with his wife and three children. “I came to the UAE in 1976 when I was 21,” said Bassem, adding: “The last year was difficult for my company because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with this money, I’ll be able to turn things around,” he said.

“I have some debts, I need to take care of them, and I will give some money to my children. I will also help my brother and sister with their finances,” he added.

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But despite his big win, Bassem said he had no plans of slowing down. “I will continue participating and aim to win the Dh50 million next,” he said. “My wife used to tell me that I’m not lucky, but I have always believed that as long as your name is there, you have a chance to win. If your name is not there, you will never get lucky.”

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