UAE Driving License – Guide to Countries in Which it is Valid

Driving License In Sharjah With Dubai Visa

In this webinar, we will provide you with a list of countries where a UAE driving license is valid. We will also talk about the process of exchanging your driving license and some important considerations to keep in mind.

A UAE driving license is a document issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates that allows a person to operate a motor vehicle in the country. All drivers must hold a valid license renewed every five years.

The Markhoos initiative is a new initiative that offers a service of recognition and exchanging driver licenses within the “Markhoos” initiative.

The “Markhoos” project offers foreign visitors of the UAE the ability to exchange their national driver’s license with an Emirati one to enable them to establish residency in the country. There are, however, certain conditions that must be met before the exchange can take place.

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Why You Need to Check the List of Countries Where UAE Driving License Is Valid

Driving in a foreign country can be daunting and tricky, but with the right documents, it can be made easier. If you are a United Arab Emirates national looking to exchange your driving license for the purpose of residence in another country, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of countries where you can exchange your UAE driving license for residence purposes.

It’s important to note that the recognition of foreign driving licenses can change over time and it’s always best to check with the local authorities of the country you wish to drive in for the most up-to-date information.

It’s also important to note that in order to drive in these countries, a person will be required to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to their UAE driving license.

You must have heard of the UAE driving license. It is one of the most important documents you need to carry to drive a vehicle. The traffic department of Dubai issued the license, valid for three years from the date of issue. The document has a validity period of 3 years, and it can be renewed for another three years, provided you are still residing in UAE.

The driving license is applicable in all countries where it is valid, but not all countries recognize it as an international driving permit. Hence, check which countries recognize your UAE driving license as an international permit before traveling abroad.

What are the Countries where UAE Driving License is Valid?

Individual states issue driving licenses in the United States. In the US, drivers must get a driver’s license from their state.

Following vides is a brief on this topic.

The UAE driving license is an international license issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates. It is valid in all countries where UAE driving licenses are valid.

List of Countries Where UAE Driving License Is Valid

Follow the list below to know where is UAE driving license valid. The UAE driving license is valid in these countries:

GCC countriesSerbiaMalta
New ZealandSingaporeFrance
Hong KongSwitzerlandSouth Africa
United KingdomSouth KoreaUkraine
EstoniaUnited StatesSweden

How to Get UAE Driving License from Different Countries

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get UAE driving licenses from different countries. It also provides information on the required documents and the process that you will have to go through in order to get a UAE license.

The first step is to find out if your country of origin has an agreement with the UAE for driving licenses. If there is no agreement, you would need to apply for a residency visa before applying for a UAE driving license.

Things You Need to Know about UAE Driving License

A driving license is required to be able to drive a car in the UAE. The authorities give it, and it is valid for 10 years. The driving license in the UAE is issued voluntarily, and it must be renewed every ten years.

How to Rent Vehicles in the UAE with a Foreign Driver’s License

Renting a car in Dubai is a convenient and affordable option for travelers.

Renting a car in Dubai is relatively straightforward and can be done without hassle. All you need to do is find a car rental company and then scan your license and passport at the counter. You will also need to show your credit card for payment purposes.

How to Get a UAE Driving Licence with a Foreign Driving Licence

In the UAE, there are very strict regulations when it comes to driving. To drive in the UAE, you will need a driver’s license. This can be obtained by applying for a new driver’s license in the UAE with a foreign driving license.

This article will provide an overview of applying for a new driver’s license with a foreign driving license in the UAE and what documents you will need to provide.

UAE Driver’s License Types & Requirements

A UAE driver’s license is an official document issued by the government of the United States of America that allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle.

The requirements for obtaining a driver’s license vary from one country to another, and may also vary from state to state within the same country.

In the UAE, there are four types of driver’s licenses:

– The National Driver’s License (NDL) which is issued for driving vehicles in the private sector.

– The International Driver’s License (IDL) which is issued for driving vehicles outside the country.

– The Professional Driver’s License (PDL) is issued for driving public service vehicles such as buses and taxis.

– The Temporary Driver’s License (TDL ) which is issued for driving vehicles in the country for a limited period of time.

The following are the minimum requirements to obtain a driver’s license in UAE.

– A car that is registered and has an International Number Plate (INN)

– A valid National Passport from any country (except Syria, Iraq, and Iran) with at least 6 months left until expirationCornerstones of Saudi Arabia

– A valid Saudi Arabian Passport, with at least 6 months left until expirationOfficial Government Issued Identification Card with photo

– A valid passport from any country (except Syria, Iraq, and Iran) with at least 6 months left until expiration If a work permit is needed for any country, it must be obtained prior to arrival detail and an updated list of all personal belongings including items such as laptops and cameras your flight itinerary (if you are traveling from the U.S., you must provide your passport number)Your confirmation letter from your airline or travel agent.


UAE driving license is valid in all above listed countries including KSA, Oman, and Kuwait. If you are a resident of one of these countries and you wish to drive in another country that does not require a driver’s license from the UAE, you will need to obtain a foreign driver’s license.