Make Money With Instagram In 2020 – 3 Steps Guide

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In 2020 earning from various apps is becoming a more common method to generate revenue worldwide. Instagram is one of them through which one can make money enough for living.

But it is very obvious and simple if you want to earn money you need to invest something. The good news is making revenue through Instagram needs only TIME to invest. More time you give to your work more money you ‘ll earn.

Instagram is not a very new app. In 2020 almost every person who uses the internet is familiar with Instagram. it started back in 2014. It was time when someone posts a picture on his/her account it used to go viral. But now ita becoming a business to earn profits and revenues.

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In modern days Instagram is giving a platform to people to use their ambition, passion and time to convert it into something productive and profitable. If you have an Instagram account and have some ideas then you can convert your Instagram account into a profit-making account with little effort. I am sure that effort will is not boring for you. This blog will guide you to earn money while living you’re as you want. Earn money with energy, fun, and passion.

Always remember to stay focused and determined. Every business needs passion and determination to grow. if you want something you have to show your determination.

3 Easy Steps to Make Money With Instagram
3 Easy Steps to Make Money With Instagram

3 Easy Steps to Make Money With Instagram

I ‘ll not keep it complex and complicated. I will go simple and easy to guide you on earning from Instagram in the coming year of 2020. So let’s see what we need to make our Instagram productive and profitable.

  • Select your niche
  • Attract your audience
  • Start monetizing

These three steps are basic steps in understanding the process of making money from Instagram. Let’s have some light on an individual step to make you more clear about these steps.


To start anything you have to make your mind and find the objective or goal. You have to think about your interests and the objective of making your account on Instagram. Don’t rush before making your account first think about your interests.

Following your interests and passions, you should also think about how it will attract more audiences for the long term. Before discussing more Niche first you have to know about types of Instagram accounts.

These are three types of accounts you can make on Instagram:

  • Personal brand
  • Informational account
  • Repost account

Of course, there is always space for new thoughts and new ideas.

Repost Account:

A repost account is a type of account in which you can repost someone’s post at your account. It has fewer chances to grow unless it doesn’t have any new thoughts. In previous years this type of account used to be more beneficial. But now as the business on Instagram increases it makes it less beneficiary. It has less chance because it has more competitors.

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The only positive thing about this account is its more catchy and less time taking. But it’s not for an intellectual audience. It will consume your precious time and gives you less worth and less benefit. So try to use your time more smartly. Now anybody can earn money with Instagram.

Informational account:

An informational account is a much better option than a repost account. You have more things to attract a productive audience as compare to the repost accounts. It can be informative for others an can attract long term audiences. For example, anyone can make his/her account to provide information about health. Develop posts about a healthy lifestyle to attract a specific audience. He/she can use several new ideas to make it more attractive and more catchy for the followers.

Personal Brand:

A personal brand account is considered to be more effective to earn money through Instagram. As everyone knows the value of a brand and chances of its growth. Its a type of account in which anyone can promote his/her business and built his/her brand.

See this 8 years old boy made $26 Million from youtube.

For defining the niche of your account, you need to concentrate on the objective of your account. For example, if someone has an interest in photography he/she can make photography as a niche. He/she can make his/her account more catchy by posting photos, videos, and techniques about photography. Once you decide about your niche first step will end here and now you are at the second step.

Attract the audience:

Instagram earning tips, instagram easy money, make money with instagram,
Instagram earning tips, Instagram easy money, make money with Instagram,

once you define your niche you need to know how to attract the audience. Audience means your customers and followers. Every unique and dignify idea attracts the people by itself. But still to grow the account on Instagram needs some techniques.


Smart and appealing photos can attract more people. Visuals are more interesting and are more likely to hit on the followers. Use more quality pictures to make your account more attractive. Upload stunning photos to make money with Instagram.


A 60-seconds video option on Instagram gives you a much better opportunity to make your post more attractive. Good quality videos either through your DSLR or through your smartphones can grow your Account in a very constructive way.

Engage Your Account:

to make your account productive you have to make a routine to engage your account at regular timings. Add content on your account on a frequent basis. Much you give time many chances to grow at a good level. Make your routine to get online at a specific time at least for ninety days with determination. Once you ll make your routine and engage your account at specific timings your audience will know your timings. This will help to interact with the audience. This needs patience and determination.

The first two steps were fundamental steps now your account will get a good audience i.e followers and customers. Now many people know you and follow your niche. Its time to cash your worthy account on Instagram. Let’s go through the last step of earning money from an Instagram account.

Earn Money With Instagram by Monetizing Instagram account:

monetizing is earning money using various methods. Once you get 1000 followers or more than that you can have many ways to cash your account on Instagram. Instagram directly doesn’t pay you but there are other ways to get money.

Earn Money With Instagram by Sponsored Posts:

once you have 1K followers sponsors can ask you to promo their content and you can charge their posts. Charges per post depend on account holders and their audience. Most commonly charges can $200 to $5000 per post but clearly it is the matter of account holders and sponsors. Account personality will decide which type of brand thinks that your account is relatable to them and beneficial for them. Sponsored posts are a big source that can make enough money for a good Instagram account.

Earn Money With Instagram by Selling Goods:

It is a little tougher than just advertising or just promoting goods of specific brands. You can promote your own goods and sell but Instagram directly doesn’t have any participation in this merchandise.

Now there are few websites from which you can deal with merchandising and you can take benefit from them. On another hand, you can create your own E-commerce store and promote it and sell your owns goods.

Ideas are limitless and you will be creating your own brand and of course worldwide.

Earn Money With Instagram by Affiliated Marketing:

Affiliated marketing is a process in which you can earn money by promoting and selling someone’s product. It is not a complex process just a little learning makes it easy for you.

There are many websites that can be with you in affiliated marketing such as AMAZON. In this, you can get a commission on the selling of their products through your reference or link.

Earn Money With Instagram by Consultancy:

storytelling consultant, travel consultant and many more.according to your account personality you can offer consultancy at any level. If you have a good quality of travel photos and videos it can attract the audience. With good followers, you can offer your consultancy.

Though limitless ideas can open more doors of opportunities. Every project in beginning needs concentration and time but after getting enough experience things get smooth and easy.

Earn Money With Instagram – Simple Tips:

Instagram earning tips, instagram easy money, make money with instagram,
Instagram earning tips, Instagram easy money, make money with Instagram, how to make money on Instagram 2020, make money in Instagram,

The following are some very useful and practical Instagram earning tricks to follow.

  • Be smart in deciding the personality of an Instagram account.
  • Post quality content on Instagram account.
  • Be regular and determined to maintain an Instagram account.
  • Open up yourself and be loyal to attract a good audience.
  • Always be honest and keep your integrity for long term business.
  • To look professional and decent fill your complete bio details.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask to follow you.
  • Always ask for feedback on your services or after dealing with you.
  • Utilize new ideas to promote your account and make solid followership.

Few facts:

Instagram is a legitimate app just like facebook. People are actually using this app for making living now a day. In previous years simple ideas were enough for profits but now clients and customers become smarter and organized. So we need to be more Profesional and trustable to attract clients.

To understand the potential of the business at Instagram we should know that currently, Instagram has 8 million business profiles. In 2017 almost 71% of US business was using Instagram and now it’s increasing. In every 10 hashtags, 7 are branded.

The amount you can earn from an Instagram account is not finite. It depends on your passion and ideas. It is not determined how much someone can charge. But according to Forbes, a user with 100,000 followers can charge as much as $5,000 for a post. But, of course, it is not specific.


Make a connection with your audience. Share and create those posts which they like. Build strong and solid followers for better business. Once the community start grows at your account you will face many opportunities waiting for you.