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Man thanks Sharjah Police for their generosity and assistance

Sharjah: An Emirati man on Wednesday contacted the Direct Line programme, broadcast via Sharjah TV/Radio, and said that he was grateful to Sharjah Police for helping him print out some study material for his daughter.

The man said that around 2am on a certain day during Ramadan, his daughter, a grade 11 student, suddenly realised that she had a language exam at 8am the next morning and needed to print out some study material. The father, who identified himself as Hassan, said he lived in the Wasit area and drove out with his daughter to search for a library or shop from where he could take printouts.

He initially approached a petrol station and then tried out other facilities, but no one agreed to get him printouts from the phone. Meanwhile, his daughter was so worried and upset that she collapsed crying.

The distraught father then approached the Wasit Police Station where policeman Issa Al Hamadi welcomed them and calmed them down.

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After hearing the details from the father, the policeman asked him about the whereabouts of his daughter, who was in the car and still crying. The policeman then told the father to bring his daughter inside the police station and she was allowed to access one of the computers at the police station and print out her study material. The father and daughter were then offered water and some dates as a further goodwill gesture.

Hours later, the father took his daughter to the Al Warqa area where she wrote her examination from 8am onwards.

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