Mashreq Draw Winner List November 2021

Well, there is no doubt that 2021 is and will be an amazing year as many people’s lives are and will be going to change especially through Dubai Lucky Draws.

As the Draws amount is in thousands of dirham am I right? & Mashreq Draw is also one of them changing many lives every Month giving Lac of Dirhams.

What is Mashreq Millionaire Certificate?

The Mashreq draw is conducted under the security mean supervision of Government Persons and it is one of the Government approved Scheme so there is not a minor Miscosenption about this draw.

In this program, not only Dubai residents can apply but the tourist + visitors can also take place in this draw which is quite good, isn,t it?

Mashreq Draw Date 2021

The Mashreq draws usually take place on the last Thursday of every month as the winner will be announced live.

3 Prizes of AED 5,000
25 Prizes of AED 1,000
Thursday 27th November 2021

Mashreq Millionaire Prizes Structure

Below is the list of prizes for Mashreq millionaires.

Every 4 months
(Quarterly Prizes)
AED 1,000,000 – 1 Prize
Monthly PrizesAED 1,000 – 25 Prizes
AED 5,000 – 3 Prizes
10,000 Salaam Points – 50 Prizes

How to buy a Mashreq Millionaire Certificate Online?

It is not much Complex it is quite simple just you have to go on the official Website as you can also get the Mashreq Certificate too.

Step 1:

Download the Mashreq Neo App and after that open the Mashreq Millionaire Section.

Step 2:

so select the certificate to mean how much you want just purchase.

What is the Price of the Mashreq Millionaire Certificate?

Well, Each of the Mashreq Millionaire Certificate prices is AED 1000 as you can take part in every Monthly draw quite good, isn,t it?

Watch Mashreq Millionaire Draw Live today

So watch the Mashreq live podcast Now.

List of Winner of November Lucky Draw