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master degree in dubai with scholarship

Best Universities Master Degree In Dubai Scholarship-2022

Master Degree In Dubai Scholarship and Abu Dhabi University is committed to enabling exceptional students and motivating them to achieve their educational goals. Our Abu Dhabi scholarship and financial assistance program is a significant component of our academic excellence plan and demonstrates our commitment to assisting the UAE’s growth. 

We believe it is a significant national duty to provide equal chances to students who want to pursue higher education. This enables them to quickly and effectively serve society irrespective of their financial situation, which is why we give scholarships for both Master’s and bachelor’s programmes.

Any Abu Dhabi University scholarship has a maximum coverage length of four years or until graduation, whichever comes first. English language demands are sometimes added. It is not required to reapply for a scholarship if the scholarship retention conditions (detailed in the scholarship section specifications) are fulfilled.

master degree in dubai with scholarship

Master Degree In Dubai Scholarship:

The master degree In Dubai scholarship (UAE), known for its year-round sunlight, is a region where history meets modernization and desert meets urban areas. This Middle Eastern global centre has quickly become a booming destination for tourists, corporations, and Master’s students.

The UAE offers a cutting-edge study and social experience while upholding traditional Arabic values. We’ve compiled a comprehensive reference on everything you need to know about postgraduate studies in the UAE. You can begin your search for a Dubai Masters’s degree elsewhere on our website.

Are Masters Free In Dubai?

While still in its infancy, the UAE’s higher education system has grown substantially in recent years. This emphasis on higher education is intended to support the UAE’s knowledge-based economy, which is routinely among the world’s most rapidly growing. The UAE attracts a huge foreign student population of more than 215,000, with its vibrant cities providing a competitive choice of Master’s degrees.

These are some of the most compelling reasons to consider a Masters’s in the UAE this year:

  • Many universities have foreign branches in the UAE. The Dubai International Academic City is a purpose-built higher education zone with 25 university campuses operated by universities from nine different nations.
  • The United Arab Emirates comprises seven, each with its distinct customs and culture. Studying for a Masters’s degree in the UAE will allow you to experience this variety firsthand.
  • Although its higher education industry is still in its infancy, the UAE may be proud of its efforts to modernize it.
Universities 59
Course Duration 1-2 Years
Old University UAE University 1976
International students 215,976
Fees Average AED 47,000- AED 72,000 /
USD $13000- $35000
Academic Year Sep-June

Can I Study Master In Dubai?

With such a diverse offering, particularly among private colleges, you may find a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, or a PhD in practically any subject of study. Law, mass communication, business administration, information technology, graphic or fashion design, and sports law are just a few programmes that might lead to a PhD in UAE with scholarship.

An MBA in insurance and banks, entrepreneurship, tourist management, and other sectors is available, as is admission to a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in information systems. Students who want to continue their education might choose a PhD degree in their area.

Most institutions provide foundation programme choices, so students can enrol in their desired degree even if their background does not meet the criteria.

How Do You Get Full Funding For Masters scholarship In Dubai?

Master Degree In Dubai Scholarship

At Khalifs University, you can now receive a full scholarship. Open now are the Khalifa University Scholarships for 2023. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, Master’s, PhD, pre-medical bridge programmes, and doctoral studies at the Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The university is considered one of the best in the UAE for academic pursuits. Khalifa University does not ask for an application fee. In 2019, KU will mark 50 years as an institution. Welcome to Khalifa University. Your entrance to the top-ranked university for education, entrepreneurship, and research work.

The Khalifa University Scholarship is open to both UAE citizens and international residents. Engineering, medicine, business, health, the arts, IT technology, and other fields are eligible for study abroad scholarships in the United Arab Emirates.

Most sponsorships in Arab countries are currently open. Khalifa University will offer nearly all of the expenses of this scholarship. Both UAE Nationals and Participants of Any National identity are allowed to apply. The best reason to study in the UAE is now present. Below are some details on the Khalifa Scholarship Program 2023.

Benefits Of Master Degree In Dubai Scholarship:

  • Complete tuition coverage and health insurance security.
  • Assistance with travel sponsorship for international research conferences.
  • GRTA stands for Graduate Research & Assistant Scholarship, which provides a monthly stipend (subject to change).
  • MSc Stipend: 8,000 AED per month
  • PhD. Stipend: AED 12,000 per month

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