How To Get Free Masters Scholarships In UAE?

Masters Scholarships In UAE

The masters scholarships in UAE are in a country where tradition and modernity coexist, and the desert meets cosmopolitan metropolitan oases. This Middle Eastern global center has quickly become a booming destination for tourists, corporations, and Master’s students. The UAE promises a try to cut study and social activity while upholding traditional Arabic values.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive reference on everything you need to know about postgraduate studies in the UAE. You can begin your inquiry for a UAE Master’s degree anywhere on our website.

Masters Scholarships In UAE

Masters Scholarships In UAE:

While still in its infancy, the UAE’s higher education system has grown substantially in recent years. This emphasis on higher education is intended to support the UAE’s experience and understanding economy, which is routinely among the world’s most rapidly growing. The UAE attracts a massive foreign young generation of more than 216,000, with its vibrant cities providing a competitive choice of master’s degrees.

Here are the most valid reasons to pursue a Master’s degree in the UAE this year:

  • Many universities have foreign branches in the UAE. The Dubai International Academic City is a purpose-built higher education zone with 25 university campuses operated by universities from nine different nations.
  • The United Arab Emirates comprises seven, each with its distinct customs and culture. Studying for a Master’s degree in the UAE will enable you to witness this variety firsthand.
  • Even though its higher education industry is still in its infancy, the UAE may adequately be proud of its efforts to modernize it.
Oldest University UAE1976
International Students216,975
Course Duration1-2 years
Average FeesAED 48,000-70,000
Academic YearSept-June

Masters Scholarships In UAE Universities:

The UAE’s higher education system was inspired by precedents from the United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, Canada, and Russia, among others. The UAE’s university system is rapidly developing, and while there are now just a few public institutions, they have already achieved international academic acclaim for their excellent standards. You can also visit for scholarships for UAE residents.

There are three public universities in UAE:

  • UAEU (United Arab Emirates University)
  • HCOT (Higher Colleges Of Technology)
  • ZU (Zayed University)

Most of the educational institutions in the UAE, meanwhile, are private local universities and campuses of foreign universities. The majority of these instructors teach English as their first language. Here are a few examples:

  • American University in Dubai- AUD
  • The American University of Sharjah-AUS
  • The Khalifa University of Science, Technology, and Research-KU
  • University of Sharjah-UOS

International Masters Scholarships In UAE:

With more than 40 foreign branch campuses spread over seven Emirate nations, the United Arab Emirates has the highest proportion in the world. With sites for schools such as Middlesex University, New York University, Michigan State University, Paris-Sorbonne, the University of Wollongong, and Hult Worldwide Business School, the scope for private universities in the UAE is genuinely international.

The (BUiD) is a postgraduate school. It collaborates with several prestigious UK universities, including Kings College London, Cardiff University, the University of Aberdeen, and the University of Manchester. Although there are options throughout the seven Emirate nations, most foreign institutions are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Some UK universities offer postgraduate exchange programs to their students. Contact your university’s international dean for more information on this alternative pathway to studying abroad in the UAE. 


There is a wide range of master’s degrees available in the UAE, including MAs, MScs, and MBAs. Postgraduate study in the UAE is famous in Business Administration, Engineering, Architecture, Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Course Duration:

For full-time students, a Masters’s degree in the UAE usually takes one or two years. The academic year in the UAE lasts from September to June and is divided into two semesters. These run from September through December or January, with a second semester beginning in January or February and ending in June.

There are other options for part-time Masters programs that can run up to five years. Some expedited part-time courses, which are less frequent, can be finished in as short as one year. Master’s classes are typically graded in semester credit hours and contain a thesis or dissertation.

Masters Fees And Scholarship In UAE:

While postgraduate education at public institutions in the UAE is free for UAE nationals, tuition fees must be paid by all overseas students. Courses are graded in semester credit hours, and colleges often charge tuition per credit. This implies the cost master’s in UAE is determined by the number of credits necessary for your program. Private universities in the UAE regulate tuition fees.

A Masters degree is generally expensive- courses cost on average AED 48,000- 72,000 ($13,070-35,400), although some specialized programmes can cost up to AED 130,000 (USD $35,390). Most courses have an application fee of about AED 200 (USD 55).

Students Living Course:

The United Arab Emirates is known for its elegance, designer shopping, and luxury, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t inexpensive choices for postgraduates. The UAE is eager to expand its university sector, which includes providing enough facilities and housing for students. 

Most colleges in the UAE will provide student housing, either on campus or nearby. Even the UAE’s major cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are modest compared to those in Europe and America, so you are unlikely to live far from your institution.

If you reside in university student accommodation, you will most likely share a dormitory-style room with another student, though single rooms may also be available. Prices are usually levied each semester and vary depending on the university. In addition, a housing deposit will be needed, which will be reimbursed upon graduation or withdrawal.

According to the United Arab Emirates University’s price list, students pay AED 5,000 each semester ($1,360). The housing deposit will likely be AED 1,000 (USD 270). The cost of living for students varies around the UAE. 

However, the country’s capitals are frequently costly. Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s cost of living is rising. While rent, retail shopping, and eating might be costly, essential student food and consumables are still reasonably priced.

Masters Scholarships In UAE

How TO Apply For Masters Scholarships In UAE?

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 in all undergraduate courses or equivalent.
  • A Bachelor degree from an accredited university recognize by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) require.

Some scholarships in UAE for masters programs have more stringent criteria, so verify with your university before applying. Because postgraduate studies in the UAE begin in September, you must apply online by May or June. Your application will require verification of a valid passport and a copy of your undergraduate transcript.

If English is not your mother language and you wish to pursue a program in English, you need to submit a test score. The IELTS (International Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examinations are usually accepted by UAE colleges. The following are typical score requirements:

  • IELTS score of 5.0 or higher
  • A TOEFL score of 60 requirements (internet-based)

How Much Do Lecturers Get Paid In Dubai?

Lecturers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, earn an average salary of AED 15,850 per month. Additional cash compensation of AED 3,000 is the average for Lecturers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Which Country Gives Free Ph.D.?

Multiple universities provide free Ph.D. degrees. You have to explore online about these universities. If you find any opportunity, then apply for a free scholarship. Do not hesitate to use it if there are already vast numbers of students applying because you don’t know where your luck works. Before applying, kindly check your requirements and GPA according to the application.