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New Dubai drive allows users to charge electric cars using QR code

Dubai: Electric Vehicle (EV) motorists registered in Dubai’s ‘EV Green Charger’ initiative can charge their electric vehicles using Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (Dewa) smart app by scanning a QR code at Dewa’s charging stations, for a cordless customer experience. They can also charge their vehicles using the EV Green Charger card.

The EV Green Charger initiative, launched by Dewa, provides a network of electric vehicle chargers across Dubai. The initiative supports the emirate’s efforts to provide innovative and sustainable transport solutions as part of the Dubai Green Mobility Strategy 2030, thus contributing towards carbon emission reduction in the transportation sector. Dewa’s continuous development of this initiative and the launch of its free-charging incentive have increased the number of registered electric vehicles in Dubai.

EV charging stations

Dewa has successfully installed about 300 charging stations across Dubai, including in the region of Hatta. Dewa has installed three stations within Hatta, which are located at the Dewa Customer Happiness Centre — Hatta, an Enoc Petrol station and at the Hatta Public Library. Dewa has also installed two charging stations at the offices of Expo Dubai with plans to install 15 more stations at the Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility pavilions to cater for electric vehicle owners visiting Expo Dubai.

Customers can accurately locate Dewa charging stations through its website and smart app as well as through a variety of digital map platforms like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Foursquare, Factual, What3Words and 2GIS; ride-share platforms like Careem; car navigation maps such as TomTom and Here Maps; as well as dedicated charging station platforms like Plugshare, Electromaps, and Yellowmaps.


Dewa has enabled its customers to obtain all transactions including EV Green Charger registration, charging, billing and settlement on “a trusted blockchain ecosystem”. Dewa collaborates with other organisations to establish a unified national EV charging blockchain network that connects all public and private partners to enable access to information via “a unified highly-secure network”.

EVs on the road

Till the end of February, Dubai saw the number of registered electric vehicles within the emirate increase to 2,473 electric vehicles and 6,016 hybrid vehicles. This brings a total of 8,489 green vehicles registered in Dubai. The number of electric vehicles in Dubai’s government organisations was 258 vehicles, while the number of hybrids has reached 2,653 with 3,210 customers benefiting from the EV Green Charger initiative till March 31.

Smart city

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dewa, highlighted Dewa’s commitment to achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to consolidate Dubai’s position as a global capital for green economy and sustainable development. The Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy aims to reduce 16 per cent of carbon emissions by 2021. Dubai has surpassed the targets of this strategy two years ahead of its time by reducing 22 per cent of carbon emissions in 2019.

Dewa is providing free charging for non-commercial EV customers registered in the EV Green Charger Initiative until December 31.
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Dewa is also supporting Dubai to achieve Directive Number 2 of 2020, to increase the number of electric and hybrid vehicles in the government fleet by providing charging solutions across the emirate and procuring electric vehicles as part of its fleet.

Patent for universal charging system

Researchers at Dewa’s Innovation Centre have registered a new patent for a universal smart charging system that consists of a single cable and a plug, whether they use AC or DC charging. The charging station’s design is also “user-friendly and a one-stop point” for all types of electric vehicles, as it automatically adapts the plug and the charging to the vehicle’s requirement.

Promoting green mobility

To further support electric vehicle adoption, Dewa is providing free charging for non-commercial EV customers registered in the EV Green Charger Initiative until December 31. This incentive is exclusively available at public charging stations and not home charging stations. Commercial registered customers such as organisations, governmental and semi-governmental organisations pay 29 fils for every kilowatt-hour. The RTA has also provided electric vehicles incentives, including free parking, reduced electric vehicle registration fees, and exemption from Salik tag fee.

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