Pakistani expat stabbed inside car, robbed in Dubai parking lot

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Dubai: A gang went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance for snatching a man’s wallet and two mobile phones, and stabbing him in the shoulder.

The Pakistani victim said on record that in October last year, he was inside his car at a parking lot in the Naif area of Dubai when one of the defendants opened the passenger door, entered the car and sat beside him. “Three other men opened my side of the door and tried to drag me out of the car. However, they couldn’t do so as I had the seatbelt on. One of them then stabbed me on the shoulder,” said the Pakistani victim.

The gang then snatched his wallet, two mobile phones and threatened him with a knife. “As they attacked me, I yelled for help but nobody was passing by. It was after midnight.”

Despite his injuries, the victim tried to chase the attackers and recovered the two mobile phones as the attackers had accidentally dropped them while running away.

Two witnesses in a nearby building saw the incident and called Dubai Police.

The attackers stole Dh1,100 and four credit cards from the wallet, but they didn’t get a chance to use them.

Dubai Police arrested one defendant while the other attackers are still at large.

The 36-year-old defendant from Cameroon was charged with robbery and assaulting the victim.

The verdict will be issued on February 14.

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