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RAK Police help 12 families fight drug addiction

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Ras Al Khaimah: As many as 12 families approached the Anti-Narcotics Department of Ras Al Khaimah Police during 2020 to help their children come out of drug addiction and receive treatment, without any legal consequences.

These 12 cases were part of the addicts that the Anti-Narcotics Department did not refer to public prosecution. Instead, they were sent to specialised centres for treatment and medical care, according to a senior official.

Colonel Ibrahim Jassim Al-Tunaiji, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, Ras Al Khaimah Police, assured that no criminal lawsuit will be filed against any of the these addicts. “This is to support them and their families and help them get rid of drugs and be good members of the society.”

The move is in line with Article 43 of Federal Law No 14 of 1995 in the matter of combating use of narcotics and psychotropic substances, amended by Federal Law No 1 of 2005, which states that no criminal case shall be filed against any addict who, on his or her own or through a relative, approaches the department for help and treatment, Col Tunaiji explained.

He added that the ages of the addicts ranged between 20 and 40 years and they were referred to the National Center for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Addiction for necessary medical and health care to help them come out of their addiction and lead them towards safety.

Col Al Tunaiji has urged parents who have any information about their children’s addiction to speed up communication with the Narcotics Control Department to help it carry out its humanitarian and functional tasks in this aspect in complete secrecy and in a way that achieves the desired goal of providing health-care assistance to them.

Colonel Al Tunaiji warned families against covering up for their children who were falling into the trap of drug addiction under the excuse of fear or shame that their position in society may be compromised. He cautioned that not addressing the issue head-on can lead to dire consequences. He assured that the Drug Enforcement Administration, along with all its employees, will keep a watchful eye on the security of the homeland and ensure the safety of all residents and visitors.

Colonel Al Tunaiji indicated that the high level of awareness among people and the success of educational campaigns that the Technical Support Department implements, by keeping parents informed about the dangers of drug addiction, resulted in 12 families seeking rehabilitation steps and corrective measures for their children who are addicted to drugs.

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