Ramadan 2021 guidelines in UAE: No tents or large gatherings allowed in Dubai


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Dubai: The Dubai Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management (NCEMA) announced a number of guidelines to be followed during Ramadan.

NCEMA said that the community’s committment to preventive measures is critical in creating a safe environment, and in understanding that “Everyone is responsible” as emphasised by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

NCEMA added that an intensive inspection campaign would hold violators culpable and that strict action would be taken against them. The authority said that the co-operation of individuals and families in complying with the preventive protocols is crucial to safeguarding the community against COVID-19.

According to a release issued by the Dubai Media Office, the public should ensure that they comprehensively and stringently adhere to all COVID-19 precautionary measures outlined by authorities during Ramadan. People must avoid large social gatherings during Ramadan and observe protective measures including physical distancing and wearing of face masks.

Guidelines that must be followed during Ramadan

  1. Hosting or attending large gatherings is strictly prohibited during Ramadan.
  2. Elderly people and those with chronic diseases are advised to avoid family visits and social gatherings.
  3. Iftar and Suhoor should be shared only by relatives living in the same house.
  4. Ramadan tents as well as Iftar and donation tents are not permitted.
  5. Setting up tents at home, and gatherings in Ramadan Majilises is also prohibited.
  6. Distribution of food and other donations should only be through approved charity organisations in Dubai.
  7. Taraweeh prayers can be performed in mosques, provided worshippers continue to observe precautionary measures like wearing face masks and physical distancing.
  8. The maximum duration of prayers in mosques (Taraweeh and Isha) is 30 minutes.
  9. People are advised to reduce food wastage and rationalize food consumption during Ramadan.
  10. Inspections will be carried out to ensure full compliance with precautionary measures as restaurants and charity organizations violating guidelines will face stiff penalties.

Vaccinations during Ramadan

Dubai, the authority added, is committed to continuing its vaccination campaign through Ramadan as part of its efforts to promote a lasting recovery from the pandemic. 


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