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RIT Dubai encourages students to experiment with hands-on projects

Technology is RIT Dubai’s expertise. The university concentrates on experiential learning as a lot of its courses depend on practical projects and not just on theory.

“We work with students on projects and encourage them to participate in international competitions where they have to physically build prototypes and test various solutions” says a spokesperson of RIT Dubai.

“Recently we had a group of students who participated in the Monaco Energy Board Challenge. They were the only team representing the UAE and the Middle East. This is the way we push our students to do hands-on projects with experiential learning. RIT Dubai now hosts several technological labs including a Robotics lab, a Smart Energy lab, a Human Factors lab and a Center of Excellence for Engineering, which provides the right space and ecosystem for experimenting and testing various solutions.”

Like any other educational institute in the country, RIT Dubai also had to shift to online courses during the pandemic. Professors at the university have found creative ways to compensate for the physical/ project-based components. For instance, the requirement for any RIT graduate is to go through an intensive internship programme, but due to Covid this was not possible. RIT Dubai introduced the Entrepreneur Internship where any student with a business idea could do this internship, mentored by people from the industry, to teach them how to start their own business. “Some of our students have actually started their own business in Dtec,” the spokesperson says. RIT believes in giving students not only a degree, but a future. The university equips students with skills that makes them robust and connected to the industry as early as possible, through the unique internship programme that starts at the second year of the student’s academic journey.

RIT Dubai has built an open ecosystem for all strategic partners and the community to use the campus for inventions, creating solutions and discussing opportunities. RIT Dubai is currently accepting applications for the Fall September 2021 intake and is working closely with the Ministry of Education to decide on the form of conducting classes. RIT Dubai is ready for all scenarios and is currently offering scholarships and financial aid plans. Residents of DSOA are offered a special scholarship.

For further information, visit or contact 04 371 2000/ [email protected]

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