RTA to increase passenger capacity of three stations on Dubai Metro Red Line in Dubai


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Dubai: Capacity of at least thee metro stations on the Red Line is being increase due to increasing number of riders.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday that some 74% work on the project has been completed to improve the entry points of three stations on the Dubai Metro Red Line namely the Dubai Internet City Station, Dubai Marina Station and the UAE Exchange Station.

According to the RTA press release, stations have been selected for improvement work based on several factors including the ridership, the population density in the area, the geographical distribution of the surrounding areas, and the number of connecting mass transit routes.

Customer services

The project aims at increasing the capacity of stations to improve customers experience and expand the entry/exit points of stations to cater to the increasing number of riders. The project will also contribute to transforming Dubai into a friendly city for people of determination. These improvements, which are funded by partners, will augment RTA’s revenues by creating additional space for commercial use.

The stations are expected to be opened in phases by the end of the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2021. Thanks to the engineering work underway, the three stations will be able to handle a larger number of riders in future. The handling capacity will increase by 215% in the Dubai Internet City Station, 179% in the Dubai Marina Station, and 259% in the UAE Exchange Station.

Cycling and pedestrian tracks

Upgrading of the infrastructure include cycling tracks, directional signs, pedestrian crossings, landscaping works, and bus and taxi stands. These improvements will also support smart initiatives around metro stations and serve the needs of people of determination, a priority RTA is keen to address across all public transport facilities and around the metro stations.

The improvements at the Dubai Internet City Station include providing a separate entrance for the station instead of the emergency exit, and improving the pedestrian and cycling tracks.

Tram links

The link between the metro and tram stations will be improved at Dubai Marina Station by relocating the lift and modifying the streets surrounding the entrance for the smooth movement of cyclists and pedestrians. Works at the UAE Exchange Station cover constructing an entrance to the station and modifying the streets surrounding the entrance to streamline the movement on pedestrian and cycling lanes.


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