Sharjah Police, chamber of commerce explore ways to further secure real estate sector

Sharjah: The Representative Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), in collaboration with Sharjah Police General Command, organised a meeting with representatives of the government bodies concerned and departments in the emirate and real estate owners to discuss the challenges and their impact on the community, develop future plans and launch joint programmes to curb negative trends in the sector across the emirate.

The meeting was attended by Obaid Awad Obaid Al Tunaiji, member of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Chamber; Mohammad Ahmad Amin Al Awadi, Director-General of the Sharjah Chamber; Brigadier General Ibrahim Musabah Al-Ajeel, Deputy Director-General of Police Operations at Sharjah Police; Colonel Yousef Obaid Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police; and Lt Colonel Ahmad Al Marri, Director of the Community Police Department at Sharjah Police.

Number of proposals

Col. Ahmad Al Marri said: “The meeting discussed a number of proposals, including the formation of a permanent working group that includes representatives of all government agencies concerned with real estate management, with the aim of creating a smart working system, connecting these entities and unifying their procedures and measures.”

Al Marri stressed the need to conduct continuous analytical studies of the reality of residential neighbourhoods and rental contracts and make it mandatory for real estate owners to install advanced and smart monitoring systems and smart gates to control the entry and exit points in buildings.

The discussions were focused on the security challenges in some residential and industrial areas of Sharjah and ways to counter them.
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Officials in attendance

Also attending were Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Representative Committee of the Real Estate Sector Business Group; Ibrahim Rashid Al-Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations and Marketing Department; Amjad Awad Al-Karim, Head of the Business Groups Section, SCCI; Obaid Abdul Rahman Al Mazloum, Director of Real Estate Projects Department at the Real Estate Registration Department; Rashid Al Hosani, Deputy head of the Commercial Control Department at the Department of Economic Development; Ammar Bin Yarouf, Head of Owners Affairs Division, Sharjah Municipality; Omar Serry, Head of Licensing Department, Sharjah Municipality; Mohammad Al Murbati, representative of Department of Town Planning and Survey; and representatives of real estate companies in the emirate.

The discussions were focused on the security challenges in some residential and industrial areas of Sharjah and ways to counter them. The need for further coordination between Sharjah Police and all their partners, to define their roles and responsibilities, reorganising the real estate — both commercial or residential, monitoring of violations, fostering the role of qualified real estate officers in management of real estate and updating databases of apartments and property owners were discussed at length.

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Looking for radical solutions

Commending the painstaking efforts of Sharjah Police to ensure security for the entire community and serve as a catalyst for economic prosperity and sustainable development, Mohammad Ahmad Amin Al Awadi underlined the SCCI’s keenness to provide all necessary support to overcome the challenges and all the initiatives undertaken to offer radical solutions.

Ibrahim Musabah Al-Ajeel praised the cooperation between Sharjah Police and SCCI to promote the security and economic interests of Sharjah and thanked the cooperation extended by all government and private institutions that helped the emirate of Sharjah achieve a very high — 92.2 per cent — rating on the safety index.

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