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Sharjah Police rescue two tourists in the mountains

Dubai: The General Command of Sharjah Police rescued two Asian tourists in Khorfakkan on Friday, after they were exhausted from extreme heat when they climbed the new mountain path next to the Rafisa Dam.

The Operations Room of the Eastern Region Police Department received a report at 10:15am on Friday morning, stating that two people were stuck in the mountains after they were exhausted while climbing the mountain path.

As soon as the report was received, the police patrols at the Khorfakkan Police Station and the National Ambulance moved to the communication site. The policemen were able to reach the tourists in a short span of time. The first was in good condition and managed to get down by himself, but the other was exhausted from the heat.

First aid was given to the tourist by paramedics, who were able to bring him down with the help of members of Khorfakkan Municipality. He was then transferred by the National Ambulance to Khorfakkan Hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

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