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Sharjah records zero road deaths during Eid Al Fitr holidays

Sharjah: Thanks to a comprehensive traffic management plan, Sharjah did not record any deaths on its roads during the recent Eid Al Fitr holidays, Sharjah Police said.

The call centre at the Sharjah Police Central Operations Room received 21,219 emergency and non-emergency calls during the holiday period between May 11 and May 14. They included 18,677 emergency calls and 2,542 non-emergency calls, Colonel Jassim Bin Hada, Director of Operations Department at Sharjah Police, said.

Col Bin Hada confirmed that there was an increase in the number of incoming calls to the call centre during this period, adding that most of these calls were related to minor accidents, general inquiries and police services provided during the holidays.

Colonel Bin Hada said that the response time in urgent cases was five minutes from the time of receiving the communication until the arrival of personnel to the site. He said that this response rate was one of the best at the national level, despite the demographic, cultural and linguistic diversities within the emirate.

He also reminded the public to call 999 only in cases of genuine emergencies, encouraging people to call on the 901 number for all non-emergencies.

Traffic management

Lt Col Omar Bughanem, Acting Director of Traffic and Patrols Department, Sharjah Police, confirmed the success of the traffic plan that was developed and implemented by the administration during the Eid Al Fitr holidays, in coordination with various units of Sharjah Police.

Lt Col Bughanem explained that despite the heavy traffic flow all through the emirate and the large presence of visitors at the parks and other public places in the emirate, the presence of traffic personnel and patrols and safety and awareness measures had greatly contributed to the fact that no deaths were registered during the holidays. He added that the Traffic Department had taken all the necessary measures according to a plan to ensure traffic safety and facilitate traffic flow.

Praise for public

He praised the public’s cooperation with the police, which formed the basis of the success in achieving zero deaths. He also lauded the efforts made by all employees of the administration and all police units in Sharjah Police throughout the Eid holidays, which contributed towards ensuring a smooth flow of traffic all through.

“The plan developed covered traffic security in tourist and commercial areas as well as the main streets,” he added.

Sharjah Police had deployed 300 police patrols to control traffic movement and monitor public behaviour on the roads to ensure their safety — in strict compliance with COVID-19 safety measures.

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