Shukran Dubai: Indian expat thanks authorities for helping him overcome fear of COVID-19 vaccine

Dubai: The reminder about my vaccine appointment flashed when I opened my DHA app which was soon followed by an SMS and an email. I couldn’t help but feel comforted to know that I am all set to take my second dose. The reminder came with no follow up from my side. It showed that I was cared for as an individual. It showed that the government cares for you, whether you are a citizen or an expat. It showed a commitment to fight the virus without any compromise.

We have seen the tremors on account of the pandemic being felt across different regions. While my friends from various parts of the globe have their own two bits to add, I thought it was time for me to express my thanks for the efforts being taken by the Dubai Government to meet the challenges head-on, based on my experience and the experiences shared by others to me.

When the vaccination drive started, my wife and I decided to get vaccinated. Right from my first call to the DHA till we got the jabs, it was a comforting experience. My heartbeat has the funny habit of getting into the acceleration mode every time my pressure is checked and this time too, it was no exception. It was on an F1 mode, throbbing ahead as if to catch the checkered flag. And that was the time when the comforting voice of the supporting healthcare staff made a big difference.

A breathing exercise was suggested and I was given the opportunity to relax and that too, when many were waiting for their turn. Maybe, it was their comforting voice or their positive attitude. Whatever it was, it made a difference and my heartbeat got back to its normal rhythm and I was ready for the jab.

Excellence is a way of life

Minutes later while driving back home, I was full of gratitude for the perfect system that was in place which made it possible for us to get the vaccine. I can never forget the ever-smiling face of the healthcare professionals who are there to ensure that there was no hiccup at any stage and above all, their humane approach. When I shared my experience with few friends who got themselves vaccinated at different centres, they also echoed the same feeling. This only reinforced my belief that in Dubai, excellence is a way of life. We owe it to the authorities and the healthcare and support service workers for their efforts to make Dubai as safe as possible for each one of us.

A few weeks back, a friend of mine tested positive for COVID-19. When she shared her experience, it again strengthened my belief in the system that is in place. By the time my friend got her result, it was close to midnight but the caller from DHA assured prompt help and support when she requested for institutional quarantine. Within an hour, a taxi picked her up and soon she was made to feel as comfortable as possible in a place that though made her miss her home, came as close as possible. Being a lady, she was initially scared to take up institutional quarantine. But then, the reassuring voice of the caller and the subsequent interactions provided an experience wrapped in hope, positivity and goodwill. Not to forget the regular monitoring provided by the doctors and healthcare professionals at the centre.

The authorities have paid attention to a diverse range of aspects in order to ensure a hassle-free experience. Right from ‘entry with appointment’ to ensure that there is no crowding at the vaccination centres, social distancing protocols, scheduling that enables to minimise the waiting time and get the jab done within minutes, regular sanitisation, washroom facilities and even providing water bottles to those who need them, proper care and attention have gone into each and every aspect. No wonder many like me experienced a worry-free vaccination experience.

From the depth of our hearts, we say Shukran Dubai.

The author is a Dubai-based advertising professional

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