The renewal driving license in Dubai:

In the country famous for its well-established infrastructure and strict driving rules, having a valid driving license is crucial nowadays, it has importance in our daily life, you must learn about the process of renewal driving license.

Who are eligible?

Before discussing about the renewal process, it is important to know about “eligibility criteria?”To get the driving license in Dubai, according to RTA, residents aged 21 years and above are eligible for Dubai.

You can renew your driving license easily through the RTA’s website or through its app. 

Required documents that you need to have:

For the citizens and resident:

  • Original and valid Emirates ID
  • The eye test
  • The clearance letter from the driving institutes as the proof of fee payment

For those citizens who is living outside UAE.

  • The original Emirates ID
  • Eye test
  • Copy of the passport with valid visa page
  • Clearance letter as the proof of fees payment
  • Official authorisation stamped by the united Arab Emirate (UAE) embassy.



The ten 10 years old validity for twenty-one (21) years old and the above one (1) year starting  18 years old.

  • Note:

The validity of a temporary license varies between the five and fifteen days (5 and 15 days).

Process of renew:

  • Trough the centre or the kiosk:

The customer submits all the required documents such as the ID, copy of passport, and more others.

There is the customer is required to pay all due fines in one of the above-mentioned customer happiness centre.

  • Through the call centre:

Contacts the call centre and provides RTA with the lost or damaged the driving license number customers is required to pay fines by the credit cards RTA verifies submitted documents and issues the replacement for the loss of damage license.

  • Through the optical shops:

Through the optical shops, with the help of that, the customer submits all the required documents, customers required to pay all the due fines.

By the website, there is an online website available for RTA. The customer uploads all scanned required documents.

The service fees:

If the customer is younger than 21- years-old:

100 AED for the renewing a driving license, +20 AED for the knowledge and innovation fees

If the customer is older than 21- years-old:

  • 300 AED for renewal driving license
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.
  • Note:

The customer receives the temporary driving license while waiting for the original license; it can be delivered through 2 channels or ways

  • By the courier, with an additional fee (almost 20 AED)
  • Customer Happiness Centres in Deira or Al Barsha
  • Note:

The fine for delay of renewing the driving license for less than 10 years is 10 AED per month, with a maximum of 500 AED. In the case of its expiration for more than 10 years the customer is only allowed to renew it’s after passing the road site.

Renewal of driving license can be done through the ministry of interior’s website / or MOL UAE app available on the Google app store

In the emirates of Dubai, the motorists can apply for the renewal of their driving licenses and get the digital driving license through the email either through the RTA’s website or their app available in the Google app store.