Things to Do in Al Ain UAE

Things to Do in Al Ain UAE


Al-Ain certainly lives up to its name as the garden city of the Gulf with tree-lined streets and landscaped parks. The setting for the region’s largest oasis, it’s a laid-back Arabian experience with an undeniably traditional ambiance. The city lies to the east of the Emirates on the border to Oman, an hour trip from both Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Wind-sculpted sand dunes surrounded the oasis of green, which is nestled at the foot of “Jebel Hafeet” mountain the highest top in the Emirates with 1,300 meters above the city.

Al Ain Old Fort Things to Do in Al Ain
Al-Ain Old Fort Things to Do in Al Ain

Al Ain’s significance as a major destination on ancient trading routes is evident not only in the remains of its proud fortresses, but by the sheer number of fortified structures. Recognized for its rich historical value, Al Ain has been placed on the UNESCO world heritage watch list.

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National Museum in Al-Ain

National Museum in Al-Ain Things to Do in Al Ain
National Museum in Al-Ain Things to Do in Al AinNational Museum in Al-Ain

Al-Ain museum illustrates the remote part of the United Arab Emirates as well as the more recent history covered under the archaeological and ethnographical section.

Al-Ain Palace/Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum

Al Ain Old Fort Things to Do in Al Ain
Al-Ain Old Fort Things to Do in Al Ain

Built-in 1937 as a palace for the “Al Nahyan” family, it was restored in 2000 and re-opened as a museum to chronicle the lifestyle of the ruling family with its internal courtyard, majilis, guard buildings, family residence and receiving the tent.

Jebel Hafeet Mountain in Al-Ain

al-ain-jab al hafeet Things to do in al ain
al-ain-jab al hafeet Things to do in al ain

Al Ain’s crowning glory is considered to be the UAE’s highest mountain, which dominates the landscape. An Impressive summit of 1,300 meters above the city is a sight to behold and made easy ascend on the 13-kilometre road-which took over six years to build and topped off by a circular parking lot and viewing area survey the land.

Hot Springs in Al-Ain

The best way of relaxing on your way down from Jebel Hafeet Mountain, and watching the greenery hills around.

Al-Ain Zoo Things to Do in Al Ain

Al Ain Zoo United Arab Emirates Things to do in Al ain
Al-Ain Zoo United Arab Emirates Things to do in Al ain

A desert-themed zoo, covers 850 hectares considered the largest zoo in the region with many attraction including bigger enclosures for animals from the local desert and African Savannahs.

Camel Market in Al-Ain

The right place you can see all camels trading.

Shopping Trips in Al-Ain

Still, you can enjoy all the different international & local brands offered in Dubai, by visiting Al Ain Mall or at the central souk.

Climate in Al-Ain

A welcoming contrast to the humid Gulf desert, Al Ain is the famous oasis city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Blooming with lush greenery and a mild climate that provides much-needed relief from the intolerable heat of the desert sand.

Al-Ain weather is perhaps one of the major reasons that make the city a favourite holiday destination for visitors to the UAE. Al-Ain is especially popular in the summer due to low humidity and cooler climate that some of the neighbouring cities, such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Although July and August temperatures during the day can still peak at 45 degrees centigrade, mornings and evenings remain pleasantly cool.

Transportation in Al-Ain

The city of Al Ain is easily accessible from Dubai or Abu Dhabi Airports through an approximate one hour drive. When you are in the city getting around is would never be a problem as the city provides effective means of transport.

Taxis or private vehicles are the most common means of transportation and are easily available at every corner of the city and at any time of the day. You can easily hire a taxi to go shopping in Al Ain or for a sightseeing visit to Al Ain tourist attractions.

Buses can be alternatively used. The Municipality of Al Ain operates the bus service in the city and there are numerous buses that can be used for transport between the various districts of Al Ain. Every road in the city provides signposts for driving instructions, both in English and Arabic for the convenience of locals as well as tourists to Al Ain.

Entertainment in Al-Ain

The Nightlife in Al Ain can be best enjoyed at Trader Vic’s in Al Ain is a bar cum pub which is the only outlet of its kind in Al Ain that offers entertainment whole night. Along with exotic alcoholic blends, the place also offers a Cuban band plays toe-tapping Spanish-Latin music every night. The Al Futtaim Centre is a famous shopping mall chain operating in U.A.E and it has an outlet at Al Ain also where you can shop till you drop. The city of Al Ain includes a number of restaurants that serves wonderful cuisines ranging from oriental to Asian along with international menu; several of them operate all night long so it’s never hard to find good food in Al Ain.

Shopping in Al-Ain

Shopping in Al Ain is truly a delightful experience where you can buy some traditional Arabic items to get the authentic feel of the Gulf region. The best part about shopping in Al Ain is that the city offers a wide array of all kinds of goods for all budgets and tastes. There are large air-conditioned malls, specialty stores as well as small shops in Al Ain. Moreover, even the bigger malls in the city offer goods at reasonably affordable prices that are comparatively much lower than the shops in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The city is also home to one of the largest gold souks in the Gulf region and make sure to pay a visit here while shopping in Al Ain.

Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

For authentic traditional artifacts, head straight to Buraimi Souk, one of the best places for Al Ain shopping. Choitrams is a large chain of supermarkets in UAE where you would find such goods that are not to be found anywhere else! one of the branches of this widely acclaimed store can also be found in Al Ain and is a favourite among locals and visitors alike for shopping in Al Ain.

Al-Ain shopping places are easily accessible and offer goods at extremely affordable prices. This is another reason that makes shopping in Al Ain a pleasant experience for visitors to the city. You will find a large variety of daily utility items like dishes, glasses, mugs et al at quite cheap rates. Even the quality of food products like vegetables, fruits and meat is quite good and the prices quite reasonable.

One of the famous Al Ain shopping places is British Home Stores that is a branch of a larger UK chain and sells good quality apparels, linen, and chinaware at believable prices. You can shop for all kinds of electrical appliances in Al Ain too.