This is how Dubai police recovered a lost diamond in just four hours

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Dubai: A Dubai visitor was caught after he found a diamond on the ground and failed to hand it over to police.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, Director of Bur Dubai Police station, said that a woman lost her diamond worth thousands of dirhams while she was at a hotel and reported the incident to Dubai Police.

“A team of policemen recovered the diamond within four hours and returned it to her. A European visitor had found the diamond and hidden it in his luggage,” said Brigadier Khadim.

The woman did not remember if she lost the diamond at the parking lot or at the building’s entrance, according to the police.

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Caught on camera

Dubai Police checked surveillance cameras and found a person picking something from the ground. Police identified the man who was a visitor staying in a hotel.

“A team of officers went to his room for questioning but he denied that he seen the diamond. Policemen then found the diamond in a small bag of the visitor.”

Brigadier Khadim said the European tourist admitted to finding the diamond on the ground and kept it because he did not know its owner.

The diamond owner was ecstatic after getting her precious stone back. “She couldn’t believe that we found the diamond in such short time,” Brigadier Khadim said.

Alert police

Brigadier Khadim urged public to report any lost item to the police and hand over any found item to the nearest police station.

“There is a lost-and-found service at smart police stations across Dubai. People can also go to police points at the malls,” Brigadier Khadim added.

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