UAE charity calls for donations to aid two Indian expats stuck in Dh200,000 blood money case


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Dubai: UAE-based charity, Dar Al Ber Society, is seeking donation for two Indian expats stuck in a blood money case involving the accidental death of a worker.

The move follows a Gulf News report that highlighted the plight of the safety officer and civil engineer who have been mired in the case since the worksite accident in January 2017.

In the report published in December, Shaney Haider, 45, from Uttar Pradesh and B. Bharathiraja, 33, from Tamil Nadu had appealed for mercy or help to pay Dh200,000 in diya (blood money) to the family of Utpal Mallick from West Bengal, who was 42 when he accidentally fell to his death while constructing a villa.

Despite getting a pardon from the family of the deceased following an out-of-court settlement, the duo had said that they could not get the pardon legally validated as Mallick’s daughter was still a minor. The company for which they worked was already in trouble when the unfortunate incident took place and had eventually shut down, giving them no scope for settling the huge amount from their salaries.

Though some Gulf News readers helped them with some money for their sustenance following the report, the duo said the aid they got was nowhere close to what they owed to Mallick’s family.

Doors open for donors

Based on Haider’s appeal, Dar Al Ber Society has now sought donations from philanthropists to help the men return home after settling the blood money.

The duo said their only hope to pay the blood money to Mallick’s family is through the donations received from Dar Al Ber Society.
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, executive director of the Dar Al Ber Society, said in a statement to Gulf News that the society has kept its doors open to donors and doers of good to support the affected. He stressed the society’s keenness to “implement and put in to practice its humanitarian role for all the afflicted and distressed, from different nationalities, this being a practical implementation of the values of our true religion, the humanitarian policy of our country, and the directives of our wise leadership.”

As reported by Gulf News, both of them have been living with the help of some of their former colleagues after getting bail following the completion of their initial sentence.

Haider, who has three young children, aged and ailing parents and two siblings who are people of determination, said his family had been struggling without any financial support from him. Bharathiraja said he had come to Dubai by the end of 2014 and had never gone home thereafter.

Only hope

They said their only hope to pay the blood money to Mallick’s family is through the donations received from Dar Al Ber Society. “We have struggled a lot to get financial support for getting released from the case. We are so grateful that Dar Al Ber Society has now come forward to collect donations for us,” said Haider.

The poster from Dar Al Ber Society appealing for donations.
Image Credit: Supplied
How to donate
Donors can send their donations (Royia) to Dar Al Ber Society through various channels according to a poster shared with Gulf News.
Through SMS
* Send SMS with the word Royia from your du or etisalat number to donate amounts ranging from Dh10 to Dh200.
*The numbers to send the corresponding amount are given below.
* 6026 (Dh200), 6027 (Dh100), 2252 (Dh50), 6025 (Dh20), 2289 (Dh10)
Through bank account
* Donors can deposit the money to Dar Al Ber Society’s accounts in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) or Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB).
* The account details are given below.
* ADIB Account No: 14244072. IBAN: AE950500000000014244072
* DIB Account No: 002520500335002. IBAN: AE660240002520500335002
Send receipt via WhatsApp
* Once the deposit is made, you need to send the receipt to Dar Al Ber Society’s WhatsApp number 0529491411

“We hope the philanthropists with big hearts will generously donate especially considering the fact that we are nearing Ramadan,” he added.


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