UAE: Dusty and partly cloudy weather expected in some parts of Abu Dhabi, slight dip in temperatures across the country


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Dubai: Some parts of Abu Dhabi are expected to see dusty weather on Monday. The National Center of Meteorology forecast for tomorrow said  that the weather will be dusty in the internal areas of eastern parts of the country.

Partly cloudy weather, at times, with a slight drop in temperatures is also expected across the country.

The maximum temperature recorded on Sunday afternoon was 40.3°C in Um Zaimul (Al Ain) at 3pm.

The country will be affected by northwesterly winds at the speed of 15 to 30km/h, reaching 50 km/h at times.

Winds will be moderate to brisk and strong at times especially over the sea causing rough seas in the Arabian Gulf.

An NCM official explained to Gulf News: “The first high tide occurs at 1:28pm and the second tide at 2:08am and the first low tide is at 7:49pm and the second low tide is at 8:01am. And, in the Sea of ​​Oman, the waves are light to medium, and the first high tide occurs at 10:18am, the second high tide at 10:22pm, and the first low tide at 4:13pm, and the second low tide at 4:41am.”

The following is a statement of the expected maximum and minimum temperatures, and humidity levels on Monday. 

Maximum and minimum temperatures will be:

  • Abu Dhabi 29, 21
  • Dubai 30, 22
  • Sharjah 31, 17
  • Ajman 30, 20
  • Umm Al Quwain 31, 19
  • Ras Al Khaima 30, 18
  • Fujairah 38, 21

Highest and lowest humidity levels will be:

  • Abu Dhabi 80, 25 per cent
  • Dubai 75, 20 per cent
  • Sharjah 70, 20 per cent
  • Ajman 75, 25 per cent
  • Umm Al Quwain 80, 25 per cent
  • Ras Al Khaima 75, 20 per cent
  • Fujairah 90, 20 per cent

Humidity will increase at night and will remain high during the early hours on Tuesday morning, with the possibility of light fog forming in some eastern interior regions.


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