UAE launches National Programme for Behavioral Rewards — Fazaa

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Abu Dhabi: UAE has launched ‘The National Programme for Behavioral Rewards — Fazaa’ to develop proactive citizens by encouraging them to adopt a positive behaviour towards society and incentivising positive behaviour through a point-based rewards system.

The programme, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, falls under the umbrella of the Behavioral Rewards Department — one of the virtual units at the Ministry of Possibilities that was launched by Sheikh Mohammed.

The National Programme for Behavioral Rewards — Fazaa is considered unique in the world as it encompasses rewards for positive behaviour.

The programme operates within a framework of certain pillars that are considered crucial in society, such as healthy life, nutrition, volunteering, compliance with law and legislations and an economy based on knowledge and empowerment.

All these pillars focus on highlighting the pioneering role of the emirates in the field of behavioural development and contributing to achieving the goals of ‘Emirates Vision 2021’.

“Positive citizenship is an important and indispensable element for building societies and developing countries. It is the main source of strength for societies in the face of various challenges,” Sheikh Mohammed said, adding that the authentic Emirati values were and are still the bulwark of society.

“Encouraging positive behaviour contributes towards improving the quality of life and achieving happiness for society. Our inherent values have always been a hallmark of the Emirati personality,” Sheikh Mohammed noted.

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Sheikh Mohammed also attended the graduation ceremony of the first batch of students in Professional Diploma in Behavioral Economics — one of the programme’s initiatives.

The professional programme aims to train the participants and develop their skills in analysing and motivating positive behaviour, in order to raise the level of UAE society and government readiness.

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