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UAE Ministry withdraws medicines containing calamus herbs

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has announced that it will withdraw all types of medicine that contain Acorus Calamus – a herb traditionally used in Indian medicines.

Medicines that contain Acorus Calamus, also known as sweet flag, sweet myrtle or calamus, will also have their registration suspended and their imports will be banned.

In a circular issued by the ministry, it announced that all health authorities in the country are required to take the necessary measures and suspend the sale of these medicines:

  1. Caspa drops
  2. Dabur Pilochek tablets
  3. Evanova Tablets
  4. M2 Tone syrup
  5. Mentat syrup
  6. PHYT cough syrup
  7. Up Mood capsules

Calamus is practiced in ayurvedic medicines to treat a wide range of health ailments, including neurological, gastrointestinal, respiratory, metabolic, kidney, and liver disorders, according to the Journal of Clinical Medicine. It is used as either dried, boiled, steeped, smoked or chewed.

The MoHAP recommended suspending the registration of the above-mentioned products, and recommended manufacturers to withdraw them from the public and private sectors. It also urged all health care practitioners not to dispense or prescribe any product containing the calamus ingredient due to its carcinogenic properties.

The Health Ministry called on all pharmacies to halt the sale of the affected products, and to contact the authority via its smart application UAE RADR in the event of any side effects reported by customers.

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