UAE Public Prosecution highlights penalties for breach of trust


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ABU DHABI: The UAE Public Prosecution has clarified the penalties for the breach of trust, as part of its campaign to raise legal awareness in the community.

In a post on its social media accounts today, The Public Prosecution quoted article 404 of the federal penal code as stipulating: “Shall be sentenced to detention or to a fine, whoever embezzles, uses or dilapidates amounts, bills or any other movable property to the prejudice of those entitled whenever the. said movable property are delivered to him on bases of deposit, lease, pledge, loan for consumption or proxy. Breach of trust.

In the application of this provision shall be considered as a proxy, the partner in joint property, the officious on the property of the interested owner, and whoever received something to be used in a specific matter for the benefit of its owner or of others.”


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