UAE Ramadan 2021: Sharjah Charity prepares 9,200 boxes to collect donations from philanthropists


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Sharjah: Sharjah Charitable International has allocated 9,200 boxes to collect donations throughout the year. Of these, 352 boxes will be placed in mosques and public sites during Ramadan, said Rashid Saleh bin Hammad, Director of the Resource Development Department at Sharjah Charitable International.

The organisation has set a budget of Dh110 million for its Ramadan campaign. 150 volunteers have selected to supervise the collection of donations for the Friday prayers, tahajjud and qiyam (means staying up at night) and Eid al-Fitr.

He pointed out that the Resource Development Department has 232 manual donation devices. These are designed with 24 optional charities choices, in which the donor can choose what he likes by putting the value of his donation inside it. The association provides 23 booths and a table for collecting electronic donation coupons in 23 locations in commercial complexes, shops, cooperative societies and centres.

Donations from worshippers

Another 750 safe boxes have placed in mosques to receive donations from worshippers in cooperation with the Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah. It has also placed 161 donation boxes in addition to 110 donation machines in a number of hotels in cooperation with the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority as part of the “Development of Good” initiative.

Ibn Hammad explained that other means of receiving donations include donations of the website, text messages, smart link, credit cards and bank accounts, as well as communication through the hotline, calling on the supporters to interact and put aids through the available channels which suit them, whether electronic or coupon to support the association’s campaigns in general and the Ramadan campaign in particular.


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