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UAE schools nurses attend virtual workshop on diabetes

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Sharjah: Sharjah-based Friends of Diabetes Association recently organised a virtual workshop for nurses of schools participating in the ‘Super Hero’ campaign, one of the association’s initiatives aimed at raising people’s awareness of how to live with and prevent diabetes.

The association is one of the health-promoting organisations under the Health Promotion Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah. The workshop was held in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP).

The workshop was attended by Khawla Al Haj, head of Friends for Diabetes Association; Dr Ilham Al Amiri, vice-president of the association, a group of doctors and health educators, and a number of school nurses.

The agenda included training nurses and coordinators on how to deal with hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia in children; how to use blood-glucose meters and urine test strips for measuring glucose and ketones; as well as how to inject insulin and glucagon. The participants also provided health tips and advice to students with diabetes and non-diabetic students on how to live with and prevent diabetes.

Following healthy lifestyles

Al Haj said the workshop is part of the association’s ongoing efforts to maintain the health of students and encourage them to follow healthy lifestyles so as to avoid them getting diabetes. She highlighted the importance of the workshop in enhancing the skills and experiences of school nurses in dealing with students with diabetes and briefing them on the new preventive methods that help protect students from this disease.

The event also featured a video about the association’s message, achievements and the activities of the Super Hero campaign, in addition to organising lectures on healthy diets for diabetic patients and ways of protecting the rights of children with diabetes to live a normal life just like their non-diabetic peers.

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