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UAE students to participate in travel-themed reading challenge over summer break

Dubai: Children’s reading app Browzly is returning to the UAE in July with its fifth reading challenge under the theme ‘Travel through books’.

For most expat families in the UAE, July marks the month of leaving for home countries. However, this summer could see many of them stay put in UAE because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep children engaged, the 2021 Browzly Reading Challenge will encourage children to read books whose plots are set in different places and help them track their bookish travels via reviews and quizzes on Browzly. Browzly will also help children stay connected to their participating school friends to share their reading, reviews, and book chats.

Challenge format

The challenge runs from July 1 to August 31, with students competing internationally for a range of titles for outstanding reading. Participating students will be assessed in two age categories: five to seven and eight to 11. They can win titles of Reader of the Highest Number of Pages, Creator of the Best Video Review and Writer of the Best Text Review. Parents and teachers will also have the chance to record their reading and have a go at winning the ‘Captain of the crew’ title.

Those looking to join the challenge and read for their school should download the Browzly app and share their reading and reviews during the challenge dates.

The winners

Winners will be announced via Browzly’s social media accounts “within a reasonable time frame” after the competition. All winners and participants will receive digital certificates on their registered emails.

The judges

As with every year, this year’s challenge will be supported by a jury, comprised of an award-winning children’s author and two accomplished teachers, to judge the student reviews. They include Isabel Thomas, who has written over 150 children’s books; Simon Jodrell, Principal, Dubai British School; and Evo Hannan, a teacher with 20 years of experience who founded Innovation X.

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Travel theme

Bhavna Mishra, founder and CEO of Browzly, said: “I absolutely adore the travel theme; as a family we miss travel as we knew it. Throughout the duration of the challenge, we aim for our blog and the app to help families find books that help them escape to different lands, giving young families a way to keep the children reading and entertained, connecting with their school friends and get the opportunity to compete internationally, maybe win a title to remember.”

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