Valiant Clinic & Hospital offers premium healthcare with new packages and services in a luxurious facility


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Dubai has always strived to be on top when it comes to technological advancements in medicine to facilitate medical tourism and the healthcare sector. In the same spirit, the city also looks to enhance the quality of life for its citizens and residents and with proper use of resources and investments, Dubai offers a world-class experience to community members.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital, which is one of the most luxurious medical care facilities for diagnostic and wellness pursuits in the emirate, looks to boost Dubai’s healthcare efforts by offering patients access to premium medical services at a multi-specialty facility. The hospital is equipped with health professionals experienced in evidence-based healthcare in line with the international standards of ethics and quality for those who want home-like care and convenience at the hospital.

In order to streamline patient check-ups and subsequent diagnosis, Valiant Clinic & Hospital has come up with new health packages starting at Dh1,750. The hospital aims to provide optimum care to patients with essential health check-ups, the prices of which vary with the age of patients. Essential health check-up for patients over 40 years of age is Dh3,000, applicable for both men and women.

For osteoporosis and bone health screening, Valiant Clinic & Hospital offers consultation along with tests for Albumin, Vitamin D, Creatinine, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Serum Calcium and Corrected Calcium among others for a price of Dh1,700. For the neurology package, which includes headache and migraine, the hospital offers a consultation as well as tests for CBC, ESR and Ferritin for a price of Dh500.

Valiant Clinic and Hospital also offers the Eclipse PRP package, which includes a free session if two sessions are booked for a price of Dh2,500. The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) system uses a patient’s own healing system to treat problems like facial rejuvenation or hair loss. The PRP injections can be administered in few sessions and are extremely safe, providing a natural and effective alternative to surgical treatment options.

Monitoring your children’s growth

The hospital is well equipped with an excellent pediatric department, led by Dr Ziad King and Dr Ayman Al Jundi, who offer care and evaluation of newborn babies, and monitor children’s growth. The Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine department tracks children’s physical growth and development based on nutritional needs, recommendations, and vaccinations at different ages.

Commenting on the extensive services, Dr. Ziad King, who is a consultant in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine department at Valiant Clinic & Hospital, said: “We examine initial newborns and monitor children’s growth and development over periodic visits with regular assessment of their nutritional needs and recommendations throughout childhood. The department caters to all the medical care requirements for children, from birth up to 18 years of age.”

Valiant Clinic & Hospital has one of the most luxurious medical care facilities for diagnostic and wellness pursuits in Dubai
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Under the watchful eye of Dr. King, children are treated for illnesses and diseases including respiratory problems such as asthma or chronic cough and allergy issues, including allergic rhinitis. The department also offers treatment for infectious diseases and acute rashes, skin problems like eczema, constipation, diarrhea, reflux, as well as recurrent abdominal pain, and UTIs. Moreover, children suffering from sleep-related problems like bedwetting and snoring, as well as ear infections and puberty-related issues are also treated at Valiant.

“With up-to-date radiology labs and rapid tests, Valiant offers testing for different body systems to facilitate a speedy and correct diagnosis,” Dr. King added.

Advancing digestive care

The gastrointestinal team is led by Dr Finn Stigsen Holm, Senior Consultant, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, and Dr Abdulrahman Saadeddin, Consultant Gastroenterologist, who will join the hospital as Senior Consultant – Gastroenterologist later this month.

The department focuses on screening and diagnosis as well as symptom management of diseases of the digestive tract. This extends from the mouth to the rectum, including pancreas, spleen, and the liver. Valiant Clinic’s gastrointestinal surgery team also treats hernias in the abdominal wall.

“At Valiant Clinic and Hospital, our team of gastroenterologists and surgeons employ the latest technologies and medical practices in diagnosing, managing, and treating problems of the gut,” said Dr. Finn.

The department collaborates with other specialties such as dietetics, psychology, endocrinology, and more, to treat gut-related issues. “There is a bariatric team in place for consultation on weight reduction, ranging from nutrition guiding, gastric balloon insertion, gastric sleeve operation, and gastric bypass operation,” Dr. Holm explained, while adding that the hospital now has a brand-new ICU to ensure the safety of its patients.

Dr. Holm, who joined Valiant from Zealand University Hospital in Denmark where he was the head of benign colorectal department, is skilled in performing mini-invasive surgery (also called laparoscopic surgery).

Dr. Abdulrahman is known for performing advanced endoscopic procedures like ERCP (removal of gall stones in the common main bile duct) and advanced endoscopic removal of big polyps and small tumors in the colon.

Helping patients get a sound sleep

Under the supervision of Dr Fabrizio Facchini, Senior Consultant Pulmonologist, and Prof. Michael Timms, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Valiant Clinic and Hospital provides treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. Around 60 per cent men and 35 per cent women, who are above the age of 40, experience anti-social (loud) snoring which is often associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, (OSAS), Dr. Facchini revealed.

“OSAS is present in three per cent of people globally and poses significant health risks. It is particularly associated with conditions such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, brain stroke, heart failure and car accidents,” he said.

Additionally, the condition causes headaches and dry mouth in the mornings, chronic fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, inability to focus, depression and loss of libido, thereby affecting the quality of life. Valiant helps such people reclaim their lives with proper assessment and subsequent treatment by a dedicated team of experienced doctors.

For treatment, the respiratory and ENT systems are examined, and sleep studies arranged, if applicable. Patients with severe OSAS may require a Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) breathing system to help them sleep better.

“Correctible issues within nose and throat are treated medically and if necessary, by careful surgery, usually to restore perfect night-time nasal breathing, allowing patients to sleep and breathe with the mouth closed, which is much quieter and more efficient,” said Prof. Michael Timms, who conducts ENT check-ups.

With two experts working closely together, Valiant Clinic and Hospital promises to offer its patients the best outcomes when it comes to a good sleep at night.

Managing renal masses in adults

At Valiant Clinic and Hospital, the urology department, which is led by Dr Sergio Valenti, manages renal masses in kidneys through both surgical procedures as well as less invasive methods, depending upon how advanced the symptoms are.

While renal masses in kidneys are usually asymptomatic, signs including blood in the urine and flank pain may develop if it goes undetected for a long time, explained Dr. Valenti. Due to medical advancements in the past decades, diagnosis of renal masses has increased due to extensive use of ultrasounds, CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging.

Valiant Clinic and Hospital looks to facilitate patients in regaining their health with new packages and state-of-the-art medical equipment
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“Asymptomatic kidney cysts are called ‘simple’ and can be treated with a surgical procedure without any long-term complications. ‘Complex’ kidney cysts, which develop wall calcifications, need careful monitoring since there are changes that they could turn malignant,” he said.

However, solid renal masses are considered malignant unless proven otherwise. Among those, renal cell carcinoma (RCC) turns malignant in 80-85 per cent of the cases. Benign tumors represent 15-20 per cent of all solid renal masses, with renal oncocytoma being the most common condition.

“Conducting a biopsy can reveal histology of the renal mass and guide decisions on further course of action. Localized RCC can be selectively removed while preserving healthy kidney tissue,” Dr. Valenti added.

In case of a surgery, Valiant Clinic is equipped to perform procedures with open, laparoscopic, and robotic approaches. In cases of elderly patients and comorbid patients, less invasive approaches including active surveillance may be offered.

With a strategic location and a modern and luxurious setting in Dubai, Valiant Clinic and Hospital looks to facilitate patients in regaining their health with new packages and state-of-the-art medical equipment. The hospital has brought together world-class experts to ensure patients have an excellent experience as they are nursed back to health.

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