watch Results of Dubai Millenium Millionaire Draw MM374

2022 Commemoration Day public holiday in uae

well, there is no doubt that Dubai lotteries are changing the lives of hundreds of people every Month and Dubai Duty-Free Millenium Millionaire is one of them.

This Lottery Draw project was launched in 1999 and the most adorable thing about this lucky Draw is it offers 5000 ticket holders to win a life-changing US 1 Million Dollars, Blushing to see about the money, right?

Did you Know?

An Indian and Kenyan Nationals won the previous Lucky Draw so Buckle up next can be you.

When will the Draw be Held?

Well, the Dubai Duty-free Millenium Millionaire is held every month usually on the date of 20.

So make sure you buy that ticket to get a chance to change your life and enjoy it, just try your luck.

What is the Price of the Draw?

The Draw may cost you a bit as it cost 1000 AED but on the other hand, you can be the winner and your money will be doubled and tripled so Purchase it, Chill.

How to buy the Dubai Millionaire Ticket?

It is quite Simple no rocket Science involved in it.

Step 1:

Just go on their official Website and open the menu option and there will be an option for the Draw, when you will open it there will be options shown.

Step 2:

After opening the Draw Page scroll down you will see an option of buy the ticket just purchase it by using your debit or credit card.

Watch Live Podcast Anouncing the Winners

List of the Winners of dubai Millenium Millionaire Draw number MM374