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Beautiful Dubai

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Beautiful Dubai

Are you trapped, in the routine of everyday life? Would you like to escape to an exotic destination and be pampered in luxury? Want to experience the very best life has to offer? What are you waiting for, Pack your bags and take the first flight to Dubai. Emirates airlines and Etihad both provide great deals for a trip to Dubai.
Dubai is dynamic, business-friendly and is one of the most advanced and modern emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Once there, you will have stepped into another world, modernity coupled with rich cultural heritage, tradition and unique identity. Dubai has risen to the ranks as a world leader in enterprise, innovation and it has become one of the worlds leading commercial, trading and tourism hubs. With the tourism and hospitality industry being at an all-time high it has created a boom for jobs. In particular hotel jobs, nursing jobs, engineering jobs, and construction jobs. In fact, there is worldwide interest in Dubai jobs.

With so many people who want to visit as well as live in Dubai and the phenomenal amount of construction of property, it has created an enormous amount of interest in real estate. Being one the best cities, there are so many different types of real estate developments that are world firsts and revolutionary, including;

Burj Dubai – soon to be the tallest man-made structures in the world. Dubai Waterfront – a conglomeration of canals and artificial islands is expected to be the most significant waterfront and man-made development in the world. Palm Islands- The largest artificial islands in the world shaped like palm trees. Dubai Marina – a district in the heart of ‘new Dubai’ envisaged with a view to creating an awe-inspiring city within a city and the largest man-made marina in the world. The Old Town – an outstanding model of an integrated urban economic community with a touch of traditional Arabic class.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai stretches along the Southern Side of the Creek and the oldest part of Dubai. At the center is the Textile Souk, the Dubai museum, and the historic Bastakia quarter with the Sheikh Saeed Heritage House and Heritage Village. In fact, A lot of the buildings have been converted into art galleries, shops, and cafes. Common is the four-sided wind tower houses designed to provide natural air conditioning.

Daira Dubai

Daira Dubai lies north of the Creek and founded in 1841. The main attractions are the Gold Souk and Spice Souk. The Dhow Wharfage shows a little of Dubai’s past. Deira is chaotic, somewhat dirty and crowded and a contrast to the modern malls.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina At the southern end of Dubai is the fast-growing Dubai Marina. Once the construcion of tthis area will be completed, it will be a major area of Dubai. It will have numerous hotels, shops, restaurants, apartments, and villas. Offshore is the huge Palm Jumeirah island. World’s beggest Jebel Ali Airport is expected to be close by to Dubai Marina.

The Creek

The Creek runs through the city center and an active waterway. Alongside the creek are parks and walkways and can be crossed using the traditional Abra. Being an attraction, Dubai Creek has many dhows offering dinner cruises with onboard entertainment. There are souks and corniches on both sides of the creek. A popular trip is to cross Dubai Creek by the small ferries.

In and around the creek one can see some of the original buildings that served as customs houses and defence structures.


Garhoud is the area between Dubai airport and the Creek. The main attraction is the Deira City Centre mall and a useful mall for the city center.


Jumeirah is a beachside suburb with lots of low rise villas and spread around the Jumeirah Road. The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the main attractions along with Jumeirah Beach Park a popular public beach.


Karama is an inner city suburb. A lot of Indian and Pakistan expatriates live in Karama. It is a good place to find reasonably priced curries. The main attraction is the Karma Souk and a palace where many fakes defense. Oud Metha Opposite Garhoud across the Creek is Oud Metha with a number of hotels, parks and the Wafi City mall with its Egyptian theme.


Satwa is one of the last of the inner city suburbs, and before the start of the skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road. Sheikh Zayed Road A long road about 3km south of the Creek. Along both sides of this ten lane highway there are huge skyscrapers. These are designed to create a very modern city and a massive contrast to the old city.

The Emirates towers make a good centre piece for the commercial and financial heart of Dubai. Shindagha The place where Dubai started out at the mouth of the Creek. In this area are the Heritage and Diving Villages and Sheikh Saeed’s house