What is BigTicket – History

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The big ticket was 1992 when it was first established on Abu Dhabi International Airport, making a big dream. Today the biggest and most durable tickets are cheap for big ticket cash prizes and dream luxury cars.

One crores of rupees awards increase gradually, and now in the tenth and a half year ticket, we already refer to millions of cash prizes in both Drones and Dollars and luxury vehicles.

We have ten tons of tickets with 10 million tickets so far. We have super 7, final tickets, a thrilling big ticket and other surprises every month. We also provide dream vehicles such as Jaguar, Corvity, Ford Mustang, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Toyota Prado, BMW X5 and VW Golf. One of them also has a two-day dream bike. Occasionally, we also make Raffles for vacation holidays.

You have a big ticket to indicate your big dreams closer, while we are constantly working to grow and improve every monthly draw!

With every big ticket, we bring you a big dream closer to one step.

For a large ticket, the ticket price is 500 AED, and if you buy two tickets, we will give you a third ticket for free.

Apart from the fantastic Rafffalls of the Big Ticket SS, a dream-range car promotions that can buy tickets to win customer’s fantastic cars, Homemade, BMW, Mercedes and many more.

Other seasons are held throughout the year, so definitely check again to see what you can win.

Tickets for all tickets are available through the www.bigticket.ae website and on the Abu Dhabi International Airport, At-Duty Free and Abu Dhabi City Terminal.