What UAE expat families are doing during this spring break


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Dubai: The Spring break for schools in UAE is here.

As the families are gearing up for a three-week break for school children started this week, Gulf News ask them about their plans during spring break?

Canadian mother Suhair Sharaf said her children are busy with studies or summer camps and so there is no planned staycation or vacation for the family.

“My son Talal, who is in Year 11 at Jumeirah College, is busy preparing for GCSE summer mock exams. He is also starting to prepare for the university admissions process. So it is all work an some play for him. My younger sons Fawaz, who is in Year 9 at Dubai College and Leyth in Year 6 at Kings School Al Barsha, are participating in a fencing camp at the Dubai Fencing Academy as well as participating in football camp. During their free time they are meeting friends where they sometimes go to the movies or the pool together. Next week all three boys plan to start water skiing as well. There really isn’t a shortage of activities for children to keep busy with in Dubai since there is a selection of indoor and outdoor options,” she added.

‘No vacation plans’

Indian mother Twinkle Chettiar and her family also have no vacation plans. “We are busy with Lent. Ideally, I would have loved to travel on a holiday. In fact that is what we used to do for school spring breaks. But with COVID-19 in place, travel restrictions, quarantine etc, we have put off travelling. We are just spending time at home or meeting friends in restaurants.”

Indian mother Twinkle Chettiar and her family also have no vacation plans.
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Pakistani mother Uzma said with elderly parents at home and the COVID situation, this spring break is at home. “We will take the children out every day of course. The weather is still pretty nice so we plan to make good use of it. Every day the children cycle around the community a bit. And every evening we visit a place. Sometimes it is the park, sometimes we go to Global Village as the children love it there. We have been to theme parks as well. But in every outing, we maintain social distance.”

For the Jones family, it remains business as usual. Laura Jones, a British expat said she has just started her own company that deals with fashion accessories. “So the family is focused on getting this going. We are working on the marketing materials etc. My children are particularly savvy with graphic designing and they are helping me with the flyers and posters. We are not travelling as a result.”

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‘Many options in UAE’

Another Indian family living in Abu Dhabi is making trips between the capital and Dubai. “My daughter has just started working in Dubai and while my younger daughter has holidays in school. We would have loved to take her out, we cannot do that unfortunately. We want to make sure our daughter is well settled in Dubai with her new job. That is our priority. But having said that, there are many options for people to spend their break here in UAE,” said Kavitha Mehra.


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